Whether you want to renovate your home, plan your vacation, complete your children's education or whatever your finance target may be, SNB Personal Finance meets and achieves all of your aspirations. 

Commodities Types for AlAhli Personal Financing:

  • AlAhli Commodities Finance : SNB selects different commodities such as (Rice/Aluminum) that are traded daily in the Saudi Market. This makes it easy for customers to resell what they have already bought with a small difference between the price of purchase from the bank & the price of selling to the market.
  • Local Share Finance : It is a Sharia'h compliant financing formula, based on selling local stocks, where the bank buys and owns the stocks and afterward sells them to the customer on credit at the cost price plus the agreed Rate.

The customer shall have the right to dispose those shares by reselling them and getting the fund or retaining them in his portfolio

Required Documents and Actions

  •  A copy of your ID card or Iqama
  •  A letter from your employer that includes: job type, date of employment and monthly income.

AlAhli channels to apply for personal finance

  •  Through SNB branch
  •  Through calling our phone banking – sales unit at 800 244 1005
  •  Through AlAhli Online or Al Ahli Mobile

Application execution stage and getting the financing:
For Commodities:

  • You will receive SMS approval
  •  The SMS will contain the name & phone number of the broker
  • Then you must decide to either sell or collect your commodities 
  •  Call the broker using the number supplied.
  •  Use your 8 digit SNB account number and your 4-digit pin number to identify yourself.
  •  Choose one of the following: Sell the commodity and deposit the proceeds into your account or, collect the Commodity directly from the broker.

For Local shares:

  •  Upon approval, the customer will be notified by SMS
  •  The Bank branch officer will buy stocks from the market (at the market price) and then print the contract and its addendums
  •  When the customer signs all the documents, the branch officer will execute a sale/transfer of shares order as agreed earlier with the customer

Sale: The Bank officer will sell shares after the customer signed the contract which includes a mandate to sell the shares, and the amount will be deposited in the payroll account.

Transfer: The Bank officer will request the transfer of shares from the Bank's portfolio to the customer's portfolio. 

(Customer must have an active portfolio to complete shares transfer option). 



 Companies induction process and required documents:


Share the below document to PFBD@alahli.com to get the opportunity to be added SNB approved companies list and get the benefits of SNB retail products:


  1. CR  copy
  2. NITAQAT report   colored 
  3. GOSI Certificate
  4. Last 3 years audited financial statements   (Not required if the company is listed in Tadawul)
  5. Sample of Employment Certificate on company's letterhead.
  6. Fill Payroll Profile Sheet (Payroll Profile Sheet)
  7. Salary transfer commitment certificate duly printed on company's letterhead verified by chamber of commerce (Salary Transfer Commitment Certificate
  8. Signing on Retail Products with Salary Transfer Commitment Agreement


  • The Sharia'h Committee is an independent committee of the Saudi National Bank specializing in Islamic law. The Board consists of senior scholars who are familiar with the religious sciences, economic, legal and banking systems as well as Islamic banking. The Board is responsible for issuing legal rulings to whatever work-related cases and topics arise, as well as supervise all administration and branches work to ensure that they are consistent with the provisions of Islamic law.
  • All Saudi National Bank  sectors and departments offering Islamic banking products are committed to comply with the decisions and resolutions of the Sharia'h Fatwa and Supervisory Board. 

Islamic banking products has been reviewed and approved by:


Al-Shaikh Abdullah Bin Suliman Almanae                 Chairman

Al-Shaikh Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Almusleh     Member

Al-Shaikh Mohammed Bin Eid Al-Ali Al-Garei         Member

Annual Percentage Rates

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Standard Personal Finance Contract Form