Residential Finance: Overview

The shortcut to your dream house

Take the first step towards owning your home with SNB residential finance products. Whether you're buying your first home or considering investing in a property, SNB has the right Residential Finance solution for you.

  • Admin fees is 1% of the loan amount or SAR 5000 whichever less.
  • The finance amount is 90% of the property’s value in the first residential finance, either from SNB or any other finance banks or institutions.
  • The finance amount is 70% of the property’s value if there is a previous residential finance, either from SNB or any other finance banks or institutions.
  • All SNB Residential Finance solutions are Shariah compliant.
  • Flexible finance options (Murabaha with fixed interest rate or Ijara with variable interest rate).
  • Finance amount up to SR 7 Million.
  • The option to have a residential finance with a personal finance through our 2 in 1 program, allowing flexible payments and a higher Residential Finance amount.


Summary of insurance policies for property & life

If you are a Wessam customer we offer you the following Residential Finance Program for the Affluent

If you are a member of the following sectors / companies you will receive a larger amount of funding with SNB

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Or visit the nearest branch of the Saudi National Bank, or call the toll-free number 8002441005

* Terms and conditions apply

** Annual Percentage Rate starts from 4.74% calculated on the amount of funding 590,000 Riyals for a period of 5 years, including management and assessment fees (1% of funding or 5000 Real value, whichever is less).