Residential Finance

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Residential Finance Examples
Property Purchase Type   Market Value of Real-estate  Funding Percentage Fixed or Floating APR  Duration Payment Type Instalment Early Settlement 
 Buying first home  1,000,000  90%   Fixed 5.71%  25 Principal and Profit 5,526  Profit of future 3 installments
 Buying second home 1,000,000  70%   Fixed 5.73%  25 Principal and Profit 4,298  Profit of future 3 installments
 Off Plan 1,000,000  90%   Fixed  5.71% 25 Principal and Profit 5,526  Profit of future 3 installments
 Self construction  1,000,000  90%   Fixed  5.71%  25 Principal and Profit
 5,526  Profit of future 3 installments
 Equity release  1,000,000  80%   Fixed  5.77%  15 Principal and Profit 6,536  Profit of future 3 installments
  • The instalments above are the monthly instalments at the begging of collection for Fixed instalments plans. In case you have selected a floating instalment plan such as the 2 in 1, the above instalment amounts will change 
  • The early settlement amounts represents the profits of the first three months when 2 years have passed from date the contract was signed, given that early settlements are not allowed during the first 2 years. 
  • Funding amount of the total real estate value for the second home will not exceed 70% and maximum duration for lands is 20 years. 
  • The maximum duration for REDF products is 25 years
  • The above examples are approximated as there should be many factors that would affect that would be imbibed and will affect the calculations 
  • Terms & conditions apply
  • The examples and prices mentioned above apply on regular financings only. They don’t include Wessam clients as their calculations depends on the client’s net worth.
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