Make owning your dream home easier with Dilalah facilitation from SNB.

What you need to qualify
Required Documents

Commercial registry 

ID of owner or designee

Brokers signature and seal to be on the quotation in Dilalah box

Own your future house and Dilalah facilitation together!


Dilalah Definition:

Definition of the term "Dilalah" is the amount of facilitation charged by the real estate broker for either "Dilalah" or in other words, linking between the seller and the buyer or in return of an effort done to complete the sale process and to be paid by the buyer.


Dilalah Product at SNB:

The Bank calculates the amount of “Dilalah” that should be paid by the customer to the mediator and add it to the amount of financing. Then two checks are issued, one for the amount of finance and the other for the value of Dilalah.


Mechanism & Controls of “Dilalah”:

  • The amount of Dilalah shall not exceed 2.5% of the property value.
  • The total amount of Dilalah together with the amount of financing shall not exceed the deductible percentage of the customer's income.
  • Ensure that the broker signature and seal are indicated on the Quotation in the Dilalah box.
  • Bring Broker documents (commercial registry plus ID of the owner or his designee provided that his name is registered in the record).


* Terms and conditions apply

** Annual Percentage Rate 3.99% calculated on the amount of funding 590,000 Riyals for a period of 5 years, including management and assessment fees (1% of funding or 5000 Real value, whichever is less).

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