Travel Benefits
Save while traveling abroad

When using your SNB Credit Cards overseas, some merchants might ask you to pay with the Saudi Riyal (SAR) or the local Currency which is the country you are visiting (E.g. US Dollar in the US, or AED in UAE)


Therefore, we advise you to always choose the local currency for the below benefits:

1. To avoid hidden currency exchange rate, applied by the merchant, which might be up to 5%, in comparison with the fixed currency exchange rate applied by SNB that is 2.75% when using your SNB Credit Card overseas.

2. To earning additional ‘LAK’ points up to 50%, only when using the local currency of the country you are visiting. 


Example1: If a transaction was performed in London, United Kingdom:

      If you choose to pay in GBP (£) If you choose to pay in SAR
 Transaction Amount  £1,000  SAR 1,000
 Conversion Rate 4.667   4.667
 FX Mark-up 2.75%  3%
 Final Amount Charged to Your AlAhli Credit Card SAR 4,795.34%  SAR 4,807.01
 Savings SAR 11.67  -
 LAK Points gained (using mass rate) 7192  4807
 Additional Lak Points Earned 2,385  -
Note: VAT is applied on Forex Markup as per Royal Decree NO.(M/113) dated 02/04/1438, a Value Added Tax (VAT) would be introduced effective 01 January 2018. ​

Lounge Access


Relax at over 1,200 lounges with "Mastercard Travel Pass" app. Download the app to enjoy access to lounges using your SNB Cards from Mastercard.


How to Obtain the lounge access:
• Download the “Mastercard Travel Pass" app from “Google Play" or the “App Store"
• Register your SNB Card from Mastercard
• See the lounges near you and clearly view if you are eligible for complimentary access
• Generate and present the app QR code or membership number to the lounge receptionist to access the lounge

Offer Terms & Conditions:
• Number of available lounges and entitlement will vary depending on card type such as Debit, Credit, Prepaid, Business or card tier such as Titanium, Platinum, World, World Elite Mastercard. Lounges may change and the latest list is kept updated on the app
• Complimentary access entitlement and fees for you or your guest will vary according to card tier. If applicable, fees will be charged immediately to the Mastercard on the app
• Lounge access can be validated with the QR code or membership number (available online and offline) on your app. Each cardholder, primary and supplementary, should show their individual QR code (by registering their cards separately using individual email IDs)
• Lounge access is powered by Dragon Pass
• Terms & conditions apply



Concierge Service


Enjoy the concierge service presented with your SNB credit card for your personal needs such as hotel reservations, restaurant reservations and more of your personal needs.

For concierge service please contact the numbers below:


Alfursan Visa Infinite Customers

• Local: 8008443488
• International: +97143611234 Or +442078502829


Wessam Customers
• Local: 8008500901

• International: +13123923810

Private Banking Customers

• Local:Or 8008448551 8008500890 


Travel Insurance


Travel insurance is a service provided to Alahli credit card holders provided to Wessam Gold, Wessam Platinum and Private banking credit card customers.

For more details about Travel Insurance:

• Wessam Gold
• Wessam Platinum
• Private Banking

Note: Travel Insurance does not cover Visa Platinum, MasterCard Titanium and MasterCard Platinum credit card holders.