Touch Card from Mastercard

The Saudi National Bank (SNB), in cooperation with Mastercard, has previously announced the launch of the first Touch Card in the Kingdom.

The launch of this card comes in conjunction with the designs of many payment cards according to the smooth surface system that does not include names and inscribed numbers. Therefore, Touch Card from Mastercard was launched, which enables users who are blind and visually impaired to distinguish between cards. The card's side edge designs differ according to the type of card. The circular edges represent mada cards, the square edges represent credit cards, and the triangular edges represent prepaid cards, which enable users to distinguish cards with one touch.

The Mastercard SNB Touch Card is the first of its kind in the Kingdom, providing additional protection and enhancing the financial independence of the blind and visually impaired, thus contributing to building a more inclusive payment system for all.

Card Name
Card Image
Card Design Description
Credit card
Design of credit cards with square edges
Prepaid card
Design of prepaid cards with triangular edges
Mada Card (Debit Card)
Design of Mada cards with rounded edges