Process payments and transactions online with our safe, secure, and advanced ePay platform.

Our ePay Gateway is compatible with a range of payment channels
  • Internet
  • Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)
  • Two-way SMS Gateway
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • M-Commerce
  • Kiosks
How to apply for ePay
How to apply for ePay
To apply for our ePay service, contact our cash management team on 920024288
System Types
Server Host


Server Host
Your customers will be re-directed to pay on ePay, and you will not be able to collect or store any credit card details.
Merchant Host
Merchant Host
You will store all credit card details, and clients will not see ePay pages as all credit card verifications occur behind the scenes.
Supported payment transactions
Single Purchase

A single transaction, where the payment is finalized upon authorization. The cardholder's limit is adjusted, and the funds are immediately transferred into your account.

Double authorization

Transactions are authorized twice to confirm the availability of funds by the card issuer. The amount is captured later by you.

Reoccurring Installments

The amount is debited to you every month from the cardholder.

Refunds and voids

Provide refunds and voids to your customers through the ePay Portal.

Supported Cards
ePay supports the following cards


ePay supports the following cards



*All online transactions are real-time and use VISA & MasterCard authorization.

Supported Currencies


Supported Currencies

SA Riyals
US Dollars
GB Pounds
EU Euros

*Merchants can offer the product or service in any of these currencies, but the settlement will be in Saudi Riyals.

To register for ePay, you must have
An SNB account
An online store
A valid Saudi Arabia commercial registration