Foreign Currency Exchange

Buy and sell currencies worldwide with our advanced foreign currency exchange solutions.

Spot Deals
Trade in a transparent environment and exchange one currency for another with our spot deals, with settlement in two days.
Lock in a rate now, and purchase currencies at a future date with our forward contracts
Option - Call and Put
For more flexibility with your currency deals, you can arrange to purchase currency at or before a future date at an agreed exchange rate, with no obligations if you decide not to purchase
Banknote Selling – USD and Euro
Purchase foreign currency notes at the market price with us, and our expert staff will provide competitive spot, forward, and option quotes on virtually any currency.
Bullion Products and Services

We will deliver gold to you anywhere in the Kingdom or GCC, with a 100% cash reserve and a 5% margin.

We can also provide you with a commercial loan whereby physical gold or ounces is used as collateral.

Minimum transactions on each are as follows:

Gold 100 Troy ounces

Silver 5,000 Troy ounces

Platinum 100 Troy ounces

New Corporate Account

Benefit from a wide range of simple, smart, and convenient services and solutions with an SNB corporate account designed to help your business grow with you.