Corporate Finance Solutions

Take your business further with our innovative Shariah-compliant finance solutions, tailored to your corporate banking needs. 
Conveniently lease equipment or property through SNB, with the option to buy at the end of the Ijara period. 
Finance your venture with Shariah-compliant Musharaka financing from SNB.
Project Finance
SNB Project Finance offers credit to fund the construction of fixed assets for your business investment projects.  
Structured Finance Solutions
We offer a range of specialist structured financing solutions for corporate customers. 
Syndications and Placements
Designed for large-scale borrowers, our trusted Syndications and Placements Unit has a strong client focus and emphasizes efficiency and confidentiality. 
If your business needs liquidity, purchase commodities from SNB, and we’ll sell them to a third party for cash on your behalf. 
New Corporate Account

Benefit from a wide range of simple, smart, and convenient services and solutions with an SNB corporate account designed to help your business grow with you.