Manage your government entity’s transactions and payments with ease using our eGov digital platform.

Digital channel for government transactions and payments.

SNB eGov Platform "" is a tailored digital channel that fulfills the requirements of our Government entity clients.

Features and Benefits
How to apply for eGov
Complete the registration form

Download and complete the Government entity registration form.

Complete the mobile agreement

Download and complete the eCorp mobile agreement form.

Complete the Information update

Download and complete the information update form and take all three forms to your local branch.

Multi factor authentication


To enhance our security protection, we activated the Multi Factor Authentication function, which is now mandatory to perform transactions in SNB eCorp, SNB eGov and SNB eCorp Mobile. All transactions must be authenticated using any of the available methods OTP, Soft or Hard token.

SNB SMS (One-time-password)

SNB SMS One Time Password is a secure 4-digit password sent to your registered mobile phone via SNB SMS.
This feature aims to add more security to your banking transactions by re-confirming your identity every time you login on to "SNB eCorp, SNB eGov or SNB eCorp Mobile" and conduct any transaction.

SNB Token

To save your time and to provide maximum protection when performing your banking transactions any time or during your travels, we are pleased to offer you SNB Token as an alternative verification method when logging on to "SNB eCorp, SNB eGov or SNB eCorp Mobile" and performing transactions without the need to wait for SMS.