SNB Payroll Service

Save time and money on your payroll service through our state-of-the-art technologies. Find out how we can help you effectively manage your payroll.

Streamline your payroll management system
Our payment management solutions have been created with your business in mind. Make payments with ease to SNB accounts through SARIE or SWIFT.
SNB Payroll Card
Our re-loadable payroll card automates the payroll process while giving your employees access to their funds at any SNB ATM.
Sophisticated solutions for managing your payroll
Eliminates the need for cheque & cash distribution
Reduces the risk of fraud
Simple reconciliation and administrative process
You can apply now by following these simple steps:
Visit AlAhlieCorp website
Login to the service
Follow the instructions
Agree on service fees and terms & conditions
Apply Online
Or follow the following simple steps if you have not registered on alahli eCorp:

Visit AlAhlieCorp website:

Click on the registration link
Enter your commercial registration number
Enter your ATM card number and password