Corporate Banking: Payment and Collection Solutions


Collection Solutions


You can manage your cash flow and oversee growth with this efficient collection and reconciliation system. SNB's Collection and Reconciliation service includes the following payment channels:

- Standing Instructions, which can be sent to SNB electronically and collected automatically on your company’s behalf from SNB accounts.

- SNBCountry Branch Network which includes Cash payments, SNB checks and checks deposited from other banks.

- Incoming SARIE payments which facilitate payments collection from your bank by instructing your customer to include his/her unique identifier code.


Real-time payment reconciliation

All information related to the payment is captured immediately no matter which payment channel is used by your customer. Even payment instructions and information about the remitter can be automatically sent to SNB from your receivables management system. This means that SNB can automatically update the relevant account receivable record and give you a complete picture in real-time without any errors and delays. These records can also be customised as per your company's requirements.