Ahalina Programs

We’re committed to positive change and empowering our community through important social programs that uplift, support, and inspire our people.
Microfinance Program

We provide access to interest-free financing to enable and empower women to establish their commercial projects.

Handcraft Production Program
We offer handcraft training to women that focuses on producing competitive products and how to market them effectively.
Entrepreneurship Program
Our Entrepreneurship Program develops, trains, and supports entrepreneurs by providing them with the skills, expertise, and resources necessary to establish sustainable, successful companies.
Co-Workspace Program
We provide a shared working environment for start-up entrepreneurs, bringing together a community of peers who can connect, network, and learn from each other.
Community Investment Program

We better enable non-profit organizations to implement community projects through developing their capabilities and building financial sustainability.

Voluntary Program
SNB gives back to the community by encouraging our employees to participate in volunteering activities.
The Saudi National Bank Housing Project
We have a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Housing to offer fully furnished housing units to those most in need.