The Saudi National Bank aims to raise its customer's level of awareness and guidance as well as educate them about products, services and their risks so that they can make appropriate choices through the Credit Advisory/Consulting Team that specializes in providing them with balanced guidance and advice by:

  • Enabling customers to understand the basic risks of the products and services provided by the bank: Texts of the benefits and risks of financing products
  • Assisting clients in making informed and effective decisions
  • Defining Customer Responsibilities
  • Advising in case of debt and default
  • Assisting clients in maintaining their credit history 


Who is a Credit Advisor/Consultant:
A consultant who advises on credit products that fit your style and goals and help you make informed and effective decisions.

The unified number of the credit advisor (920020234) has been allocated to be a direct line between the bank and the customer to inquire about his rights and obtain credit advice and guidance, and this number will not be used for sales or any other purposes.