Awareness Tips


By using SNB services or websites, you hereby undertake NOT to:

  • Upload or download files containing software, materials, data, or other information not owned by you or for which you do not have a license;
  • Upload or download files containing viruses, corrupted data, or any other malicious software, or do anything that could affect the integrity, reliability, or continued availability of the information on the website;
  • Publish, advertise, distribute or circulate through the services of SNB any materials or information that contain defamation of character; violation of laws; pornographic or obscene material; material violating Islamic teachings or public morals; or any illegal material or information;
  • Use any means, software or procedure to intercept or attempt to intercept the proper operation of SNB website;
  • Take any action that imposes an unreasonable, large or improper load on the infrastructure of SNB website;
  • Any act that violates the Saudi Anti-Cyber Crime Law or any other related law in the Kingdom.


  • You are the only authorized person to use your password;
  • Do NOT disclose your password to any third party;
  • Change your password frequently;
  • SNB never requests customers to provide their passwords.


  • The bank never sends SMS asking its customers to disclose any confidential information such as account numbers, security numbers of ATMs or log in passwords.
  • Always make sure that the web address starts with (https) and that the security symbol (the lock) exists.
  • You will never be asked by SNB employees to provide your AlAhli Online log in password. If a person asks you to provide such information, then he is not representing SNB. Please do not share any information with that person and notify us immediately.
  • Do not log into AlAhli Online from Internet cafés, libraries or public places.
  • Ensure that the official websites of the Saudi National Bank are used on the internet:


SNB commitment to protect clients' rights:

Since we are committed to protecting your banking transactions, we follow these principles:

  1. SNB is keen to deal fairly and honestly in its various banking dealings with you.
  2. The Bank is committed to providing all information related to the products and services provided to you in a mechanism that facilitates your access and understanding.
  3. At SNB, we will notify you of the financial risks and opportunities you may be exposed to as a result of dealing with any of our banking products and services before you purchase them.
  4. The Bank is keen to operate in a professional manner to provide your aspired benefits and to protect your financial interests.
  5. The Bank monitors and protects your financial assets against any potential fraud.
  6. The Bank stresses the protection of your financial and personal information while ensuring that it is not disclosed to any third party.
  7. SNB will provide the necessary measures to facilitate the process of submitting a complaint through the available and approved mechanisms, within the limits of the appropriate and effective time.
  8. The Bank allows consumers to search and compare banking products and services with ease.
  9. SNB assumes all its responsibilities towards the actions of its authorized agents.
  10. The Bank has a written conflict of interest policy and is committed to applying this policy in the event of a conflict of interest between the Bank and a third party.


Clients' responsibilities to protect their rights:

Before entering into any relationship with SNB, you must know and understand your emerging responsibilities as a client, in order to protect your banking transactions:

  • Be honest and accurate in all the data you provide to the bank.
  • When applying for a product or service with us, make sure that you read and understand all the information provided to you and know your responsibilities.
  • Ask the bank staff to explain any information that is not clear or unsure of the terms of the deal.
  • Feel free to complain or escalate to higher levels if necessary.
  • Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions associated with any product or service provided to you.
  • Bear in mind that some banking products and services may involve some financial risks, where we will provide a clear explanation.
  • Apply for the products or services that are most suitable for your needs and financial capabilities.
  • Inform us of banking transactions made without your knowledge or authorization as soon as possible.
  • In no case do you disclose your personal or banking information to any third party.
  • Do not hesitate to seek advice when you face any kind of financial difficulties. We at the bank are available to serve you at any time.
  • Make sure your banking information is always up to date.
  • When contacting the Bank by post or email, use only your personal post or e-mail address to avoid sharing your banking information with others.
  • Be careful when granting an "official power of attorney" to carry out your financial transactions that gives the authority to dispose of your finances.
  • Do not sign any partial or incomplete financial documents.
  • Be sure to review all documents before you sign them.
  • Keep all your bank documents in a safe place.

Awareness Tips:

  • Beware of scams that circulating on the internet and social networking sites.
  • Avoid accessing your banking services from public wireless networks (Wi-Fi).
  • Beware of scams via email, text messages or calls asking for your personal information to reward you.
  • Do not share verification or activation code, personal and banking information via phone, email, and text messages.
  • Use low-balance credit cards for electronic transactions and beware of suspicious websites.
  • Beware of illegal parties, quick profit claimants, and the risks of dealing with them that may cost you serious losses.
  • Avoid giving or accepting a check without a date.
  • Make sure that the notifications received from the bank are received and reviewed.
  • When needed, request a full and detailed explanation of each clause in the financing contract from the bank employee.
  • Real estate appraisal fees can only be refunded in the following cases:
    • Failure to complete the procedures for granting real estate financing for a reason not attributable to the customer
    • Cancel the request from the customer before evaluating the property

Always Remember:

  • The Bank will never contact you for any information updates. You can only update your information by visiting our branches.
  • Do not deal with any person who claims that he is a representative of SNB. Dealing with SNB employees is only through the Bank's branches and offices.
  • You must immediately report any suspicious transaction or brokers who claim their ability to facilitate or provide banking services.