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We’re committed to delivering the highest standard of Shariah-compliant products and services for our customers.

Shariah Committee

The Shariah Committee of SNB holds the distinction of being the first Shariah committee in the banking sector, established in 1996. It functions as an independent entity responsible for approving bank products and services in accordance with Shariah principles. Over the years, the committee has issued more than 1600 Resolutions. Additionally, it upholds the legitimacy of Shariah compliance through oversight by the Shariah Audit Department.

Committee Members
The Sharia Committee of SNB consists of five prominent scholars in the fields of Islamic Shariah and Islamic economics, namely:
Shariah Committee
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Shariah Committee Objectives


  • Resolution Issuance: The committee issues resolutions on Shariah matters concerning the structures and mechanisms of Islamic banking financing and investment products. This includes their functions, executive procedures, as well as all agreements, contracts, and related documents.
  • Supervision and Compliance: Supervising the conformity of Islamic banking activities in the bank with the provisions and principles of Sharia, through Sharia compliance reports and Sharia audit observations, so that the Sharia committee can identify the issues that require attention, propose corrective measures when necessary, and issue its decision on the compliance of the Islamic bank.
  • Product Development: Contributing to the development of Islamic financial products and services within the bank. It also presents proposals and Shariah-compliant solutions to enhance the bank's performance in line with Shariah standards.
  • Compliance Decision: The committee provides an assessment of the bank's overall Shariah compliance to the board of directors. Additionally, it offers recommendations for appropriate measures to address any shortcomings if necessary.
  • Promotion of Islamic Banking: The committee actively participates in promoting Islamic banking and contributes to its ongoing development.


Shariah Division


The Sharia Division considered the technical and administrative supportive component of the Shariah Committee in achieving its objectives, and one of the most vital engines of development in SNB. The Group carries out tasks that support the plans and objectives of the bank towards expansion and growth in the Shariah services and products to its customers, and reviews and audits the Islamic Banking products.



Shariah Division Departments


Shariah Advisory and Research:
Providing consultations related to Sharia matters, preparing Sharia research, coordinating between the management and the Sharia committee, distributing Sharia decisions to relevant departments within the bank, and performing the secretarial duties of the Sharia committee.


Shariah Advisory and Research Duties: 

- Studying products, services, and documents and providing Sharia feedback on them.
- Managing Shariah Committee meetings.
- Preparing and presenting the agenda for Sharia committee meetings.
- Spreading awareness of Islamic banking.
- Collaborating with the bank's administrative units by offering opinions, advice, and support on Sharia-related matters.


Shariah Audit:
Reviewing the bank's various activities and financial operations to ensure its compliance with the decisions and directives of the Shariah Committee, and to report the results and observations to the Shariah Committee.


Shariah Audit Duties: 

- Shariah reviews for the bank’s activities in accordance with approved and accredited auditing standards.
- Issuing Shariah review reports that include audit notes regarding the bank's activities and their compatibility with the decisions and directives of the Shariah Committee.
- Giving appropriate evidence to the Shariah Committee about the bank's Shariah compliance.


Shariah Support and Development:
Organizing the relationship between the bank's departments and the Shariah management, and developing Islamic banking products and services by providing technical support in the stages of designing products that comply with Shariah standards, starting from the idea and concept to post-approval and implementation.


Shariah Support and Development Duties: 

- Managing the relationship between the bank's departments and the Shariah departments.
- Review requests received from the bank's departments and ensure that the documents are complete to facilitate their study.
- Providing technical support in the stages of creating Shariah compliant products.
- Providing technical support to the Shariah Division Departments to help them carry out their tasks.


Compliance and Shariah Governance:
Protecting the bank from the risk of non-compliance with Shariah principles by enhancing Shariah governance controls, regularly reviewing regulatory systems and procedures, assessing the risks of non-compliance with the Shariah committee's standards, and establishing policies to enhance the effectiveness of internal auditing in the areas of compliance and Shariah governance in accordance with the standards and Shariah resolutions issued by the Shariah committee.


Compliance and Shariah Governance: 

- Enhancing the bank's Shariah governance while safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders.
- Assuring Shariah compliance in the bank.
- Measuring the extent of compliance with the Shariah committee's standards and the Shariah governance framework.
- Measuring the risks of non-compliance with the Shariah standards.
- Monitoring the product development process in the initial launch phase.




Shariah Group Publications


The Saudi National Bank has made several contributions to the Islamic banking industry, including spreading and deepening Islamic banking concepts to promote and expand this industry. This is done to fill a gap in the library of Islamic economics and Islamic banking industry.

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Symposium on the Future of Islamic Banking


SNB has adopted the establishment an annual symposium on the future of Islamic banking since 2008, organizing it annually to discuss the developments of the Islamic banking industry, and to find Shariah solutions to the obstacles it faces in the presence of a group of senior jurists specialized in the jurisprudence of financial transactions and banking experts, which is a testament to the bank's commitment to grow and build a prosperous future in the Islamic banking industry.


Previous Symposium researches and proposals to be added