Tips from our recruiters

Follow these tips from our recruiters to help you get ahead in the interview process and become a member of the SNB team.
Tailor your resume to the position
In your application, demonstrate your understanding of the role and how you can add value to the position and the team. Emphasize your relevant skills and experience to the position you’re applying for. You should also include specific achievements from previous roles to help you stand out further.
Don’t forget the basics

Once you’ve been granted an interview, be sure to make a good first impression. Make sure to arrive on time, dress professionally and be courteous.

Do your research
Before your interview, make sure you have a good understanding of SNB. Browse our website and the media to familiarize yourself with who we are and our products and services, specifically those related to the role you’re applying for.
Ask questions

During your interview, it always helps to ask relevant and thoughtful questions. This shows that you’re engaged, prepared, and are curious about SNB and the role.