Rowad Program
The SNB Rowad Program is a 12-month learning journey that prepares graduates to succeed at work and grow into leadership positions.
Strategic Partners

The Rowad Program is designed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading learning institutions. Harvard Business Publishing provides trainees with solid practical experiences to build the abilities and skills needed to compete in an ever-changing world.

Kaplan Professional ME is a leader in comprehensive training solutions for financial professional certification programs and enables graduates to be pioneers in digitalization and the banking industry.

Rowad Program Benefits
Caters to individuals

The program focuses on each graduate’s strengths through a practical and applied learning journey. Advanced methods and tools provide graduates with the knowledge and skills to become future banking leaders.

Ready to work

After completing the Rowad Program, graduates will have a comprehensive practical understanding of the banking industry and be capable of growing in various departments within the bank.

Creating future leaders
Graduates will also learn tools that will enable them to successfully lead others, influence change, and overcome challenges allowing them to take on leadership and strategic roles in the future.
Program Content
  • Retail and Wholesale banking, banking products, and banking strategy
  • Treasury, finance, investment, and business acumen
  • Digital banking, data science, and digital transformation 
  • Compliance, banking regulations, ethics, and code of conducts
  • Relationship management, customer centricity, and customer experience 
  • Operational excellence, governance, and risk management
  • Leadership, negotiations, influencing, communications, problem-solving, judgment, and decision making
  • Experimental learning, action learning, simulations, coaching & mentorship, and self-lead learning and research.
Program Outline

We review applications and select candidates.

Candidates receive a comprehensive onboarding.

Candidates will attend a blended learning program for ten months.


The final two months will be hands-on training and completing a graduation project.

After graduation, candidates will join a department within SNB.

Graduates will enroll in SNB talent and development programs for continued learning.