SNB Cooperative Training Program

About the Program

SNB cooperative training program aims to achieve seamless integration between students' academic studies and real-world applications in businesses environment, ultimately enhancing their engagement and readiness for the labor market in accordance with the goals of Vision 2030. Throughout SNB's COOP program, trainees will gain knowledge through various learning methods in each phase.

The program will provide a practical experience to undergraduate students that will help them to:

Explore career interests within a realistic professional environment.
Boost self-confidence by integrating academic knowledge with real-world experiences.
Network with professionals for references and future job opportunities.
Selection criteria
  •  Saudi National 
  •   Enrolled college students. 
  •  Coop training should be required for graduation
  •   GPA must be at least Very Good (3.75/5 or 2.75/4)
  •   Passing Online Assessment and interview successfully
  • Business Majors
  • Technical Majors
  • Engineering Majors (Industrial – Computer- Software Engineering)
  • Legal Majors
Required Documents:
Updated Resume
Copy of National ID
Letter from the university approving that COOP training is required for graduation.
Copy of Academic Transcript for the last semester indicating GPA