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We have specifically designed The Wessam Program for you to ensure our full commitment in attending to your needs here at SNB. We offer this through a wonderful banking experience with a personalized touch and by offering exclusive privileges to clients we care to present to them a high end model of banking services, which would fulfill all their needs with a style that exceeds their expectations.

Being part of the "Wessam Program", you will enjoy innovative financial solutions, resulted from our long established experience in the banking industry, which extends over more than 60 years offered by qualified banking professionals generation after generation. Today, and in line with future requirements, we take pride in providing you with unique banking services in a suitable, luxurious and unmatched atmosphere, characterized with absolute privacy that fits your lifestyle. 

Discover the special Wessam clients products and services

The Wessam Platinum .. courtesy Provided to you Personally​

Wessam Platinum is your gateway to an integrated package of high class services and privileges meeting your banking needs.

Discover the exclusive Wessam Platinum features​

The Wessam Gold .. ​Privileges for the Affluent​

Wessam Gold has been designed specifically for our affluent clients providing them with a new concept for innovative banking services that caters for their aspirations.

Discover the exclusive Wessam Gold features​

The Wessam Lounge…Warm Reception​

Your convenience is at the top of our priorities. Therefore, in The Wessam Banking, we ensure you absolute privacy when delivering banking services through The Wessam lounges, giving you a warm welcome originating from our authentic Arabian values. Using state-of-the-art technology, you will receive personal attention from the Relationship Manager who focuses on catering for your banking needs with efficiency and professionalism in a private atmosphere, ensuring the confidentiality of your information. More than 220 Wessam lounges, available in different SNB branches throughout the Kingdom, have been luxuriously designed with special care, allowing you to carry out your banking transactions in an ideal atmosphere while enjoying privacy and luxury.

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The campaign's duration will be from (23 Aug – 5 Sep 2020)

  • Eligibility for gold will be 400,000
  • Eligibility for platinum will stay 900,000 (as is)