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The Millionaire Campaign with AlAhli Credit Card

Use your AlAhli Credit Card locally or internationally and enter a lucky draw to win with 1 Million Saudi Riyals!

Millionaire Campaign phase 2! We have opened the chances for you again, you can be the lucky winner who qualified to win 1 Million Riyals. All you need to do is simply use your AlAhli Credit Card locally or internationally to increase your chances to win.

For every transaction using your AlAhli Credit Card, you increase your chances to win the 1 Million Riyals.

Campaign Period: 01 October until 30 November 2019

To enter the draw and increase your chances to win:

Use your AlAhli Credit Card No. of chances in the draw
For each local transaction  1 chance
For each international transaction 2 chances

Remember, the more you spend the more you win and don't forget to use your AlAhli Credit Card wherever you go!


Campaign Terms & Details :

  • AlAhli Credit Card Customer and if you don't have AlAhli Credit Card, you may apply to a Credit Card and use it to enter the draw.
  • Any AlAhli Credit Card customer will get a 1 chance automatically
  • Campaign between 01 October until 30 November 2019
  • Use AlAhli Credit Cards for any transaction local or international
  • Draw will take place with  chamber of commerce 2 weeks after the campaign is expired
  • 1 winner to get 1 Million SR
  • SMS texts with be sent to all the winners  when the reward is credited
  • Campaign winners name will be shared on 2 weeks after prize money is deposited
  • NCB staff are excluded from the campaign
  • If the contestant breaches or breaks any of the terms and conditions of the contest and/or conditions of the product, NCB has the right to disqualify the contestant or the winner at any stage of the contest. Moreover, NCB has the right to replace the contestant or the winner by other winners at the sole and exclusive discretion of NCB
  • Winning contests shall be required by NCB to sign documents prior to communicating the winner and releasing the contest prize to him
  • NCB is entitled at any stage of the contest to eliminate the contestant and/or disqualify the winner at NCB's sole discretion in the case of false applications or information, and it shall be considered breach of contest rules. Any breach of the contest rules will also result to forfeiture of the right to claim the prize.  NCB has the right to replace the winning contestant at its sole and exclusive discretion
  • Non – Submission or presentation of valid ID (Iqama/ Passport) is considered a breach of contest rules
  • The prize money shall be deposited after 15 days from the draw in debit account of the winner
  • NCB client (contestant) acknowledges that the electronic records of NCB serves as conclusive evidence in all courts and committees and government agencies
  • All Terms and Conditions or /and the Agreements and its Annexes and documents signed between the two parties shall apply in regards of any bank product or/and service
  • In case of discrepancy or conflict between the Arabic version and the English version, the Arabic text shall prevail
  • The winning contestant hereby grants the National Commercial Bank an irrevocable authorization without any limitations or conditions or time limit to exploit my name, personal picture and my voice in press releases, advertising campaigns, Social Media and any Event or occurrence, or a personal story associated with this award, and shall waive all my rights to any reward or financial compensation

Terms and Conditions apply

Annual Percentage Rate (Based on customer income)

  • 38.75% for customers with monthly income between 2,500 – 3,999 SAR
  • 32.39% for customers with monthly income 4,000 SAR and above

** Annual Fees for Visa Basic & MasterCard Titanium are SAR 400 , and all Platinum cards are SAR 600

For more information, you may contact 8002441005

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