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Cash from AlAhli Credit Card and easy repay with “Ala Dofaat” program

Need cash to be part of the upcoming IPO? Today, transfer cash advance from your AlAhli credit card to your account and use the cash to invest.

In addition, you may repay the cash advance amount in easy installments with "Ala Dofaat" program at low annual percentage rate in 3/6/12 months.

Offer valid: from 14 Nov to 12 Dec 2019

Program Benefits:

  • Cash advance service to transfer cash advance from your AlAhli Credit Crad limit to your current account. 

  • Easy installments with "Ala Dofaat" program for the transferred cash advance amount at low annual percentage rate in 3/6/12 months: 

3 months1.39% annual percentage rate
6 months1.29% annual percentage rate
12 months 1.19% annual percentage rate

  • Minimum installment amount SAR 1,000 for every cash advance transfer.

How to get the offer:

  • Cash advance service through our digital channels. For further details please press here

  • "Ala Dofaat" program to install the cash advance amount through AlAhli phone banking only (after 48 hours from the transaction date):

    • Call AlAhli phone banking at 920001000

    • Enter your phone number

    • Enter your password

    • Choose number 2, Credit Cards

    • Choose number 2 , financial process on your Credit Cards

    • Choose number 3 , installments of purchases 

    • Request a program "Ala Dofaat" from customer's service and confirm your order.

To know more about "Ala Dofaat" program click here

* Terms and conditions apply.

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