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AlAhli Credit Card from VISA

Win a trip to watch the Saudi Team in FIFA 2018 in Russia

​​10 winners with AlAhli Credit Card from VISA, provide them a special trip for two person to watch the 2018 FIFA Saudi Team match for the winner and one person from his 
family or friends for 4 nights.

The package includes the following:
  • 2 way tickets for the winner and his partner
  • 5-star hotel for 4 nights.
  • 2 tickets to attend FIFA opening match for the winner and his partner.
  • Visa prepaid for the winner with 450$ balance.

Offer Period: From 1 February 2018 until 31 March 2018.

To enter the draw and increase your chances to win:

How to enter the draw​Number of entering the draw
Apply for AlAhli Credit Card from VISA with the offer period.2 Chances
Use your AlAhli Credit Card from VISA between SR 5,000 and SR 15,000 3 Chances
Use your AlAhli Credit Card from VISA between SR 15,001 and SR 30,0005 Chances
Use your AlAhli Credit Card from VISA SR 30,001 and above.10 Chances​

The more you use, the higher the chances…Don’t miss the chance!

Terms and Conditions:

  • ​​​This offer valid for AlAhli Credit Card  from VISA only.
  • Applicable for all the local, international and internet purchases. 
  • You can spend the total amount detailed in the table above during the offer period on multiple purchases.
  • This offer does not apply to cash withdrawals or transfers.
  • Drawings and announcement of winners will take place within 2 weeks after the expiry of the campaign on 15 April 2018 knowing that we will be having additional winners whom will be withdrawn as an alternative in case the primary winner didn’t apply the terms and the conditions. 
  • After contacting the winner by the bank, the winner will have only 5 working days to respond with an approval. If the winner didn’t reply, the trip will be given to someone else. If the winner responded with an approval within the agreed date, the winner must share his partner’s name and start completing all required documents.
  • The winner must ensure that all required documents for him/her and his/her partner are completed by maximum on the 23 of April 2018. In case of not completing the required documents, the prize will be given to another winner, where his/her documents should be submitted by maximum on the 25 of April 2018. 
  • The winner can’t change his partner name after receiving the approval.
  • Other terms & condition related to AlAhli Credit Card apply.
  • Customer has to have a valid mobile number to contact and deliver the prize to him.
  • The wining contestant shall not have the right to replace his prize with cash or another prize.

  • If the contestant breaches or breaks any of the terms and conditions of the contest and/or conditions of the product, or instructions of SAMA, NCB has the right to disqualify the contestant or the winner at any stage of the contest. Moreover, NCB has the right to replace the contestant or the winner by other winners at the sole and exclusive discretion of NCB.
  • To enter the contest, the contestant shall sign and submit all the necessary forms and other legal documents that may be required from him by NCB. Winning contests shall also be required by NCB to sign documents prior to releasing the contest prize to him. 
  • NCB is entitled at any stage of the contest to eliminate the contestant and/or disqualify the winner at NCB’s sole discretion in the case of false applications or information, and it shall be considered breach of contest rules. Any breach of the contest rules will also result to forfeiture of the right to claim the prize.  NCB has the right to replace the winning contestant at its sole and exclusive discretion. 
  • Non – Submission or presentation of valid ID (Iqama/ Passport) is considered a breach of contest rules. 
  • NCB client (contestant) acknowledges that the electronic records of NCB serves as conclusive evidence in all courts and committees and government agencies. 
  • In case of discrepancy or conflict between the Arabic version and the English version, the Arabic text shall prevail. 
  • The winning contestant hereby grants the National Commercial Bank an irrevocable authorization without any limitations or conditions or time limit to exploit my name, personal picture and my voice in press releases, advertising campaigns and any Event or occurrence, or a personal story associated with this award, and shall waive all my rights to any reward or financial compensation.

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