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Campaign for "Mega Finance Week" with huge discounts for all retail products.


About the campaign

"We are pleased to announce the launch of the Kingdom's largest Shariah-compliant financing offering designed to give all existing and new payroll customers access to personal, leasing and real estate financing at a reduced annual rate, as well as access to both real estate and personal finance (two in one). The campaign will also award cash prizes if the credit card is used within the first month of the card, in addition to the annual fee exemption.

Campaign period

The campaign will start from Sunday, May 27 to Jun 7, 2018

Target customers

The campaign is aimed at various individual financing clients, including employees in the government, semi-government and large corporations, as well as retired and military personnel at all levels of employment and salaries.

How to benefit from the offer

  • Visit the nearest Al Ahli bank branch or call toll free 800 244 1005.
  • Visit the nearest dealer showroom for the rental financing offer.

​​Offers covered by campaign


​Al Ahli Leasing Finance

Presenting you an annual competitive rate starting at 10.06% because we realize that doing your daily work and meeting your family needs requires a car. We have designed this Sharia-compliant program to help you get the car of your choice with the basic requirements and simple process, along with a comprehensive insurance cover with highly flexible premiums and the best after-sales service. That's not all, Al Ahli delegates at the dealers' showrooms are ready to serve you.

To view the terms of the grants and the required documents click here.

The main advantages of Al Ahli Leasing :

  • Financing in accordance with Islamic Shariah principles
  • Funding for Saudis and residents in the Kingdom
  • No need for a guarantor
  • Instant approval from the first visit
  • Quick completion of procedures
  • Easy monthly EMIs for up to 5 years
  • Financing up to SR 500,000
  • Comprehensive car insurance coverage throughout the lease period
  • Salary transfer is not required
  • The possibility of installment of the last batch
  • The possibility of assigning to another customer

 Al Ahli Personal Finance

Presenting an annual competitive rate of 3.02%, which allows you the possibility to get cash the same day as a Sharia compliant solution for your multiple goals and needs. Whether you want to renovate your home, plan your vacation or complete your children's education or whatever financing goal you seek, you can choose between a personal finance product with local commodities or local stocks.

The main advantages of Al Ahli Personal Finance product in local equities / commodities:

  • Shariah compliant.
  • Payment programs in easy instalments up to 5 years .
  • Access to additional or supplementary funding .
  • The possibility of transferring debt from other banks .
  • Insurance in case of death or disability .
​To view the terms of the grants and the required documents click here​

 Al Ahli Real Estate Finance

At a competitive annual rate of 5.13% you can get your dream home through the Ijara mortgage finance a Shariah compliant financing solution. If you own a property, you can get finance to make improvements to your property or build on the land you own through a cash-for-property product.

The main advantages of the Ijarah mortgage product are:

  • Shariah compliant
  • Competitive prices
  • Instant approval from any Al Ahli branch within 5 minutes
  • 2-in-1 financing (personal - real estate)
  • Possibility of taking any other product with the mortgage product
  • Easy repayment plans for up to 30 years
  • Islamic insurance for the property
  • Exempting the beneficiaries from paying the rest of the instalments in case of death or total disability (God forbid), and transfer of ownership of the property to the beneficiaries

​To view the terms of the grants and the required documents click here​

 Al Ahli Credit Cards

Apply for Al Ahli credit card and enjoy a free credit card *Use the card within the first month of activation and be one of the 80 lucky winners of a financial reward **

* The client includes salaries for the first year only for customers enrolled in the wissam program .
** SAR 2000 riyals worth rewards for 30 wissam customers on spending SAR 5000 in the first month.
**SAR 1500 riyals worth rewards for 50 diamond customers on spending SAR 2000 in the first month.

Advantages of the program "your (Laka)"

What distinguishes Al Ahli credit card from other credit cards is its rewards program “You (Laka)” which is simply the best in the Kingdom. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to to earn points every time you use the card and redeem points for rewards that suit your needs, such as:

  • Transfer points to our partners (Saudi Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Hilton H Honors and Shukran Points from Landmark Arabia)
  • Airline tickets or hotel booking 
  • Cashback
  • An electronic gift card​
To view the services and benefits click here​

Terms and conditions of the campaign:

  • Must Apply during the promotion period
  • Acceptance of terms and conditions of each financing product
  • Open a new account if the customer does not have a current account
  • Salary transfer is required for personal and real estate financing
  • Salary transfer is not required for the rental financing offer and credit cards

​​​​To learn more about the details of the campaign, visit the nearest Al Ahli branch or call the bank marketing and sales representative on  800 244 1005.