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What is "Ala Dofaat" Program?

It's a program that allows you to convert your purchases' values into equal monthly installments plan with low annual percentage rate when you using AlAhli credit card at any airline worldwide.

AlAhli Credit Card holders can benefit from "Ala Dofaat" program only within a campaign launched by SNB or with the participated merchants in the program.

What is the permissible period for paying transactions with low annual percentage rate?

The permissible period:

  • 3 months with annual percentage rate 1.39%
  • 6 months with annual percentage rate 1.29%
  • 12 months with profit margin 1.19%

Example: Installment Plan Calculation

The below table is an example of how "Ala Dofaat " works for a transaction of SAR 5,000, when converted into an installments plan for 3 and 6 months

Installment Plan 3 months6 months
Annual Percentage Rate for Installed Transaction1.39%1.29%
Monthly Installment for Installed Transaction 1,736 SR
897.8 SR
Annual Percentage Rate for Regular Transaction2.4 % - 2.7%2.4 % - 2.7%
Monthly Installment for Regular Transaction1,751 SR908 SR

What is the monthly installments due with "Ala Dofaat" Program?

Equal monthly installments from the value of the purchases transferred to "Ala Dofaat" Program.

Are there any additional fees?

There are no additional costs or fees to benefit from "Ala Dofaat" Program.

What's the minimum amount for converting transactions to "Ala Dofaat" Program?

Minimum amount for installments is 750 SAR per purchase during the offer period.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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