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​Winners of the Win your Home Campaign with AlAhli Residential Finance

SNB– Residential Finance Division would like to announce the winners of the Win Your Home with AlAhli Residential Finance campaign, as they got an automatic opportunity to enter the monthly draw as the participants are one of the AlAhli customers applying for Residential financing during the campaign period (19th July 2020 to November 14th, 2020), and they are as follows:

500,000 SRSuliman Saleh Al-Juhaimy1
500,000 SRAhmed Ali Asseri2
500,000 SRAssaf Naser Al-Dosari3
500,000 SREid Musleh al-Rashidi4
500,000 SRKhalid Hassan Al-Jedaani5
500,000 SRAli Mohammed Al-Yami6
500,000 SRAli Ahmad Atoudi
500,000 SRSultan Al-Dosari 

* Terms and conditions applies

** Annual Percentage Rate 3.99% calculated on the amount of funding 590,000 Riyals for a period of 5 years, including management and assessment fees (1% of funding or 5000 Real value, whichever is less).

For more information, you may contact 8002441005