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Local Shares

One of the most important advantages of Personal Finance via local shares is the customer's access to cash within 15 minutes of sending the request, through buying the shares then selling them immediately or transferring them to the customer's trading portfolio. All buy & sell /transfer transactions are carried out by a simple push of a button, which gives instruction to the stock-trading system to trade the shares in the market at their direct price. This enables the customer to complete the purchase &sale /transfer operations while being present in the bank branch.


It is a Sharia'h compliant financing formula, based on selling local stocks, where the bank buys and owns the stocks and afterward sells them to the customer on credit at the cost price plus the agreed profit margin.

The customer shall have the right to dispose those shares by reselling them and getting the fund or retaining them in his portfolio

The main features of the product 

  • Compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.
  • Obtaining finance within 15 minutes.
  • Immediate cash deposit to the customer's account in case of selling.
  • Freedom to keep the shares for investment or to get cash to meet your needs.
  • The amount of "Tayseer Alahli" local shares ranges from 5000 Riyal up to half million Riyal.
  • Easy installments repayment programs for periods up to 5 years.
  • Possibility of postponing the installment of the month of Ramadan.
  • Insurance in the event of disability or death.
  • Financing 2 in 1 (Personal Finance and Residential Finance for maximum benefit).
  • The need for a sponsor is not required.
  • Management fees 1% of the amount of financing and not exceeding SAR 5000 maximum

How to get a personal finance - the different phases of the process:

Stage 1: Applying stage:

  • The customer visits the Bank branch to apply.
  • The customer submits the required documents.
  • The customer identifies the required finance (amount of finance, period of finance, profit margin, monthly installment).
  • The customer identifies way of getting the shares (sell/transfer).
  • The customer chooses one of the approved and Shariah-compliant share lists.
  • The customer signs the application form printed from the system.
  • The customer gets the initial approval .

Stage 2: Application execution stage and getting the financing:

  • Upon approval, the customer will be notified by SMS
  • The Bank branch staff will buy stocks from the market (at the market price) and then print the contract and its addendums
  • When the customer signs all the documents, the branch officer will execute a sale/transfer of shares order as agreed earlier by the customer.
  • Orders  for sale/transfer of shares:
  1. Sale: The Bank officer will sell shares after the customer signed the contract which includes a mandate to sell the shares, and the amount will be deposited in the payroll account.
  2. Transfer: The Bank officer will request the transfer of shares from the Bank's portfolio to the customer's portfolio. (Customer must have an active portfolio to complete shares transfer option).

Terms and conditions applied
Administrative fees: 1% of finance amount or SAR 5,000 (whichever is less)
Administrative fees is included in Annual Percentage Ratio

Finance Amount
Maturity in Years*APRMonthly Payment Amount
100,000 SAR5 Years3.79%1,829  SAR

The table above and its numbers is an illustrative example only to show the annual percentage rate, which is dependent on three variables (Finance amount, profit rate, and loan tenor)