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You can convert your purchases’ values into equal monthly installments plan with 0% profit margin via “Ala Dofaat” program when you use AlAhli credit card at any of our participating merchants. You just need to follow the below steps (after 48 hours from the transaction and request the preferred installments plan):

  • Call AlAhli PHONE BANKING AT 920001000 .
  • Enter your personal number.
  • Enter your password.
  • Choose No. 2 for credit cards.
  • Choose No. 2  for credit cards financial transactions
  • Choose No. 3 for credit cards installment transactions.
  • Request the preferred installments plan from the agent and confirm your request.​
​​​Program Conditions:

  • This program includes all newly issued AlAhli credit cards from NCB during the offer.
  • The installment payment plan for this program is up to 24 months.
  • Installment can be done up to 4 transactions maximum at the same period.​

*T​erms and conditions apply

Annual Percentage Rate (based on card tier)​

  • 38.75% for customers with monthly payroll income 2,500 SAR up to 3,999
  • 32.39% for customers with monthly payroll income 4,000 SAR and above

​**​Annual Fees for Visa Basic & MasterCard Titanium are SAR 400 , and all Platinum cards are SAR 600

​​*The offer isn’t applicable on items that are already under promo or discount​

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Enjoy the best & exclusive offers, specially tailored for our customers with AlAhli Credit Card​. 

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