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Limit Increase




No​w you can increase your Credit Limit by following the steps of Credit Limit Increase via the following channels: 

Download AlAhliMobile Now !​


1) AlAhliMobile Application

From the main page:

  1. Click "Credit Cards"
  2. Click details
  3. Click the desired credit card
  4. Click (+)
  5. Click "Update Limit"
  6. Enter the new limit
  7. Click "OK"​​

2) AlAhliO​nline​ ​.

Login to AlAhliOnline ,

 from the main page:

  1. Click "Credit Cards"
  2. Click details
  3. Click "Update Limit"
  4. Enter the new limit
  5. Click "OK"​

3) AlAhli Phone Banking 920001000


  1. Dial AlAhli Phone Banking 920001000
  2. To Choose Menu Language 1 For Arabic or 2 For English
  3. Enter the 8 Digit Customer Number
  4. Enter the 4 Digit Secret Code
  5. Press 2 for Credit Card.
  6. Press 2 for financial transaction
  7. Press 5 to increase the limit
  8. Agent will contact you to confirm your request. ​​
Supplementary Card
  • Primary card holders can nominate up to three  supplementary cards to their immediate family members (spouse, parents, children, parents-in-law, and siblings) for free.
  • Application is simple;  an application form and a copy of the supplementary card applicant’s Saudi ID/Iqama are required.
  • No income/employment is required of the supplementary card applicant
  • A supplementary card applicant must be at least 18 years of age (or 15 years for Saudi nationals who hold a Saudi ID of his/her own), and must not be over 63 years old (or 63 Hijri)
  • The supplementary cards will share the credit limit of the primary card.  However, for better control, the primary card holder can assign a dedicated credit limit for each supplementary card

Credit Cards/prepaid Instant Issuance Service

As we continuously seek to offer our customers the best experience, we are pleased to announce the availability of instant printing of our credit and/or prepaid cards at all of our 350 branches around the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia. 

All what you need to do is to visit any of our branches, apply for a credit card, and print it instantly. 

Service is available for AlAhli Credit Cards and Wessam segment.

Features and Benefits:


  • Worldwide acceptance at over 32 million merchants;
  • Instant cash from all ATMs across the globe;
  • Profit-free payments for up to 50 days;
  • Flexible payment options from 5% of the total to monthly installments;
  • Free travel insurance of up to SAR 750,000 against personal accident, flight cancellation, and luggage delay and loss; 
  • Additional protection with Himayati and Himayati Plus;
  • SMS notification for every transaction;
  • Full transparency with your monthly statement;
  • Cash withdrawals up to 30% of the credit limit through ATMs and financial institutions around the world;
  • E-secure shopping service to provide greater protection when using a credit card online, for more information, please click here;
  • Special offers and discounts;
  • Complimentary airport lounge access at select airports;
  • Higher credit limits;
  • Higher travel coverage;
  • MasterCard and Visa Premium credit card benefits worldwide; 
  • Please visit or

Terms & Conditions

Fees & Charges​