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Thank you for choosing Al Ahli Cashback credit card product that was designed to offer you unique experiences along with the common features we have on all our products:

·         Free for life no Annual fees

·      An Exclusive NCB platinum Mastercard Design.

·      Smart Payment Plan (installment Plan) "Terms and conditions Applied"

·      Special Offer & discounts

·      Credit Shield, Himayati & Himayati plus "Terms and conditions Applied"

·      Complementary Airport lounge access at selected Airport, for more information please download Mastercard for you App


Cashback details

Purchase valueCash Back Ratio
SAR 0-4990%
SAR 500-49990.5%
SAR 5000-99991%
>SAR 100002%

* SAR 200 cashback cap per card per month.

*Purchase value = Total monthly purchases from Retail, internet & cash advance inside & outside KSA.

* Please note that SADAD payment is not included in cashback reward.

2% cashback bonus on the cashback received from your purchase for the following categories:

  •     Pickups & Delivery Apps
  •     Food Delivery Apps
  •     Groceries & Hypermarket
  •     International Usage
  •     When changing the payment method from 100% to 5%

  This Table clarifies the calculation of 20% cashback bonus

Purchase valueCashback RatioCashback ratio + 20% cashback bonus
SAR 0-4990%0%
SAR 500-49990.5%0.6%
SAR 5000-99991%1.2%
>SAR 100002%2.4%

*SAR 200 cashback cap, per card per month

Example: when you purchase from one of the food delivery apps by SAR 1000, you will get SAR 5 (0.5%*1000) +SAR1 (20%*5) bonus cashback, totaling SAR 6.      

Additional benefits

·         Contactless payment functionality

·         It is globally accepted

·         Your Card is Shariah- Complaint

·         Offers you flexibility towards your monthly Payments

·         Chip & PIN Security 

·          It gives you better control on your expenses



Now you can get AlAhli Cashback Card directly and easily by applying through AlAhliOnline , AlAhliMobile or from Branches 


Terms and Conditions

Fees and Charges

Digital Brochure

What is Alahli Cachback credit card?

The card is an Islamic credit card that allows you to retrieve up to 2% cash back from your purchase value.

Is there an issuance fee for Alahli Cashback card?

There are no issuance fees for plastic/digital cards.

What are the benefits of Alahli Cachback card?

  • Cash back up to 2% on all purchases locally and internationally.
  • An Exclusive NCB Platinum MasterCard design.
  • Turning your purchases into Installments.
  • Discounts.
  • Himaiaty & Himayaty+ Programs.
  •  Airport lounge access.

 How can i receive the cashback reward?

It'll be deposited to the customer card automatically.

 When will i receive the cashback reward?

Cash back occurs automatically at the end of each statement cycle (15th of each Georgian month), no need to call or enquire.

  Is there a Cashback when using Supplementary card or low credit limit card?


Is, there a cap for cashback amount?

Yes, the maximum cash back per month is SAR200.

How much cashback reward can I receive by using Al Ahli cashback card?

  • Cashback details
Purchase valueCash Back Ratio
SAR 0-4990%
SAR 500-49990.5%
SAR 5000-99991%
>SAR 100002%
Cash Back Cap:           SR200

When is the Statement date?

On the 15th of each month

How long is the grace period after statement issuance?

Up to 20 days.

When is the due date for payment?

On the 5th of each month.

To know about Fees and Terms and Conditions