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General Information about “LAK”
When do you get your earned “LAK” points?
Your “LAK” points will be credited monthly by the statement date.
How do you know your “LAK” points
• Log on to your account at to see your up-to-date “LAK” points balance.
• Or call “LAK” call Center on 920015500
How long are your “LAK” points valid for?
“LAK” points are valid for 3 years from crediting in monthly statement.
Do you know how to redeem your “LAK”
• Simply register on then choose your reward type and start redeeming your “LAK” points.
• Or you can call “LAK” call Center on 920015500
• Or email the “LAK” Member Service Centre at quoting your “LAK” membership number and Iqama number. Simply advise our team of your request and they will do the rest.
What is my “LAK” membership number?
Your “LAK” membership number is the 10 digits on your AlAhli Credit Card under your name. Alternatively, you can call the “LAK” call center on 920015500
Membership Number

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