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To save your time and to provide maximum protection when performing your banking transactions any time or during your travels, we are pleased to offer you AlAhliToken as an alternative* verification method when logging in to your account or performing transactions without the need to wait for SMS.​

* Subscription to this feature is optional. You can also move AlAhliToken between devices free of charge via the "Change Device" feature mentioned below..

Requirements - You must have at least one active Saudi Riyal account with NCB, in order to register for service.

Fees – One time subscription fees for SR26.25 inclusive of VAT.

Downloading AlAhliToken – download the app via smart devices stores (App Store – Google Play) using the word "alahlitoken"


1. Requesting – via AlAliMobile or AlAhliOnline

After logging in, from the Home page:

  • Click "Profile Settings", then "Security Settings" and "AlAhliToken"
  • Click "Request a new token"
  • Select the Account to deduct the fees from, then click "Proceed"
  • Service fees will be display, accept the terms and conditions, then click "Proceed"
  • "Serial" and "Activation" numbers will be shown, to be complete the sync with AlAhliToken app.

For reference, you can view the "Serial" and "Activation" numbers any time before activation, if needed, by visiting AlAhliToken page and clicking "Activate"

2. Syncing – syncing your device with the app  

After downloading AlAhliToken to your smart device, follow these steps:

  • Start the AlAhliToken
  • Enter a PIN for the app, and reenter to confirm
  • Enter a name for the token
  • Enter the "Serial" and "Activation" numbers From step 1
  • Click "Save" to generate the Registration Code, please ensure to take a screenshot of the "Registration Code", to be used during the next step "Activation" when visiting an NCB ATM.

3. Activation – to use AlAhliToken, activation is required. Visit any NCB ATM, and follow these steps:

  • Enter your number and PIN of Mada card from NCB
  • Click "Other Transactions" then "Electronic Services"
  • Click "Activation" then "AlAhliToken Activation"
  • Enter the "Registration Code" shown on the screenshot taken from the previous step
  • Click "Confirm"

After the confirmation, the receipt will appear confirming a successful activation.

Now when logging in or performing transactions via AlAhli Mobile and AlAhliOnline, AlAhliToken will be your default choice for verification.

Transferring AlAhliToken between devices is free of charge via the following "Change Device" feature.

4. Moving – To transfer your Token from one device to another, follow these steps:

After logging in to AlAhliMobile or AlAhliOnline, and from the Home page:

  • Click "Profile Settings", then "Security Settings" and "AlAhliToken"
  • Click "Change Token" then "Confirm"
  • "Serial" and "Activation" numbers will be shown, to be complete the sync with AlAhliToken app.​

Now you can now sync AlAhliToken by completing steps 2 and 3 above


AlAhliSMS One Time Password is a secure 4 digit password sent to your registered mobile phone via SMS.

This feature aims to add more security to your banking transactions by re-confirming your identity every time you login to your account and conduct a financial transaction.

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To receive AlAhliSMS One Time Password, you need to correctly register your mobile number by visitng any of our branches.