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Push Notification​

What is Push Notifications?

Push Notification service is a Fast, Secure and Highly Efficient method of messaging via AlAhliMobile app that keeps you connected by receiving all your SNB financial transactions via notifications delivered directly to your smart device, anytime and anywhere. ​​​​​

How can I receive Push Notification?

When downloading AlAhliMobile for the first time or updating the app, simply accept the “Allow AlAhliMobile to send you Push Notifications” prompt to stay connected and receive all your transaction’s details via your smart device.​

Moreover, you can enable the service via AlAhliMobile as follows:

  • Click "Settings" then "Notification Center".
  • ​Click "Activate".
  • Click "Activate Financial Notifications" then "Confirm​".

Do I need to keep AlAhliMobile running in the background in order to receive notifications?

No. ​

Is there a fee for the service?

Push Notifications are free of charge. However, your device needs to be connected to the internet.​

How can I view AlAhliMobile notifications?

If you missed any notification, you can view it in your device’s notification center area.

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