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​Registration requirements

  • AlAhli Debit card and PIN
  • OR, AlAhli Phone 8 Digits Personal Number and PIN
  • Registered Mobile Number by the branch​

How to register

  1. Visit, or by downloading AlAhliMobile from the official smart devices stores, then:
  2. Click "Click here to Register" and follow the steps
  3. You can use the same User-ID and Password when you log on to both Channels​​


For added security, you will be requested to enter either a AlAhliSMS One-Time-Password, or a Token number using AlAhliToken app in order to confirm your login and when finalizing some financial transactions. Please make sure that your mobile number is correctly registered in our systems through any of our branches.

e-Services usage Terms & Conditions ( A​lAhlionline – AlAhlimobile )​​​​​

Lately launched the all new AlAhliMobile. Faster, easier and more modern with a world of new unique services


  • Bank Account Balance and Transactions Inquiry​
  • View International Banking Account Number (IBAN)
  • A Detailed Statement of Account for banking transactions by period or amount
  • eStatement Registration, Print or Send by email
  • Debit Card Stop and Re-issue, POS limit changes
  • Cheque book request

Money Transfers

  • Money Transfers (Between Customer Accounts, Within NCB, Local and International)
  • Quick Pay Account Services
  • Gift and Endowment
  • ​Make me as a beneficiary 
  • Request money
  • Beneficiary management ( Add , Modify , Delete )
  • Quick pay ( Add beneficiaries , Transfers , Payment history and status


  • Bills and Governmental Payments
  • Mobile Recharge​
  • Gov. payments refund
  • Payment and refund historty 
  • Beneficiary management ( Add , Modify , Delete )
  • One time payment ( non-registered bills ) 
  • Sadad Account Management 

Credit Card

  • NCB Credit Cards payment services
  • Cash Advance
  • Pay another customer card
  • View credit card transactions
  • Apply for a Credit Card
  • Activate new Credit Card
  • View Credit Card PIN
  • Stop Credit Card​

Lease & Finance

  • Auto Lease details
  • Auto Lease Payment
  • Transactions Inquiry for Personal and Residential Finances​

Mutual Funds

  • Investment services ( Subscription , Switch , Redemption )
  • IPO ( Buy , Sell , Capital Increase )

More Valued Services

  • Registering and follow up on complains
  • Change User-ID for AlAhliOnline and AlAhliMobile
  • Update Resident Identity​ Expiry Date in bank records
  • Favorite Transaction
  • Inquiry access 
  • Actionable Notification 
  • Emergency Cash Withdrawal (card less transaction) only available through AlAhliMobile​
  • AlAhliSMS ( Disable marketing messages , View / Inquire on registered number receiving AlAhliSMS 


We appreciate the value of providing our services to our customers in times of emergency, thus AlAhliMobile was the first in the Kingdom to provide the Emergency Cash withdrawal service without Debit Card through NCB ATMs.

As a customer, you can benefit from this service with complete ease in case of the inability to reach your debit card. You can request Emergency Cash through AlAhliMobile app after completing your login and authentication then requesting Emergency Cash as per the terms and conditions applicable on the service.​

Service Conditions:

  • Active SAR account
  • Registered Mobile Number or AlAhliToken
  • Cash withdrawal conditions applicable to customer


  • Emergency Cash daily allowed limit is SAR 1,000 – maximum 3 times a month (regardless of amount limit of SAR 1,000)​
  • The service is requested by the customers after accepting the service terms and conditions.​​​


Download AlAhliMobile Now !

​Market​Minimum Requirements

​Apple (iOS)

6.0 or higher


2.3.3 or higher ​

​Windows phone 

8 or 8.1 

BlackBerry (Black​Berry 10 OS)​

​10.0 or higher​​

​​Standing Orders Service

​A service to schedule the automation of transfer payments within defined timelines, now via AlAhliMobile and AlAhliOnline.   

​What are the types of Standing Orders?

    • ​Transfer Between customer’s Accounts .
    • Transfer within NCB Accounts .
    • Quick Pay Accounts Transfer/House Labor .

How can I register in the service?

No registration required*

​Is there any fee for the service?

This service is free.

​How it works :

    1. Select "Money Transfers" .
    2. Select "Standing Orders"
    3. Select transfer type, and the desired beneficiary.
    4. Enter the Amount .
    5. Select the Start and End Date .
    6. Select the Frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) .

​*Term and Conditions apply.

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