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Registration requirements

  • Number and PIN of Mada Debit Card from SNB.
  • Or AlAhli PhoneBanking personal number and PIN.
  • Or AlAhli Credit Card and PIN
  • A registered mobile number with the bank.

Steps to register for the service

  • Visit or download AlAhliMobile from (App Store - Google Play - AppGallery) search using the word "AlAhliMobile";
  • Click "New User Registration".
  • Enter the digits of your National ID/Iqama.
  • Select one of the three options (Mada Card from SNB – Credit Card – AlAhliPohne) and insert the required information.
  • Enter the username and the password.
  • You will get an OTP on you registered phone number.
  • Insert the OTP to confirm your registration.

You can use the same Username and Password to access both AlAhliMobile and AlAhliOnline, please note that an activation code will be sent to the registered mobile.

Electronic Services Usage Terms and Conditions (AlAhliMobile and AlAhliOnline)


Some of the featured services offered via AlAhliMobile:


  • Accounts Balances and transactions inquiry
  • Detailed Account Statements by period or amount
  • eStatement via registered email
  • Cancel and re-issue the SNB Mada MasterCard and changing cards purchases limit
  • Cheque book request, if it was first requested by branch
  • Obtain IBAN or send it via SMS​

You can now add an International Beneficiary via AlAhliMobile and AlAhliOnline then activate it to use it for transfers at the same time.


  • Transfers between customer's accounts, within SNB, Local and International
  • Gifts and Endowments
  • Managing beneficiaries (Add, Modify, Cancel)
  • QuickPay Transfers (Add beneficiary, Transfers, Transactions status and history)​


  • Bill Payments
  • Government payments or refunds
  • Mobile recharge
  • SADAD Account management
  • Payments and refunds history
  • Beneficiaries Management (Add, Delete)
  • One Time Payments (unregistered bills)
  • Absher Activation, to get to the option (Select SADAD à Government Payments and Refunds à Absher Activation)​

Credit Cards

  • SNB Credit Card payments
  • Credit Card eStatement
  • Pay other NCB Credit Card
  • Cash Advance
  • Apply for Credit Card
  • Apply for Prepaid Card
  • Activate Credit Card
  • Track your Credit Card delivery
  • View Credit Card PIN
  • Reassign Credit Card PIN
  • Cancel and reissue Credit Card
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe from Hemayati and Hemayati Plus programs​

Lease Finance, Personal and Residential Finance

  • Auto Lease Payments and details
  • Personal and Residential finance details
  • SIMAH Registration, to get to the option, (Select Lease & Finance à SIMAH Registration)​​

Mutual Funds

  • InvestmenServices (Subscription, Transfer, Refund)
  • IPO (Subscription, Selling, Capital Increase)​

Additional Valuable Services

Emergency cash withdrawal (without NCB bank card)

AlAhliMobile.. Live more.. DO more​

​Emergency Cash

We understand the value of providing superior services to our valuable clients in times of emergency. Which is why, AlAhliMobile is the first in the Kingdom to provide Emergency Cash withdrawal service without Mada card from any SNB ATM.​

Terms of Service

  • Active account in Saudi Riyals
  • Registered mobile number or AlAhliToken
  • Service registration
  • Cash Advance terms and conditions via SNB ATM

As a customer, you can benefit from this service when you are not carrying your Mada card from SNB, by requesting "Emergency Cash" service via AlAhliMobile.​

After logging in to AlAhliMobile:​

Service Registration

  1. Click "Emergency Cash", an activation code will be sent to the registered mobile number
  2. Enter Activation Code​

Request the Service

  1. Click "Emergency Cash"
  2. Enter Amount*, then enter a temporary PIN for the transaction
  3. Click "Proceed"
  4. Enter the Activation Code sent to the registered mobile number
  5. A Reference Number for the transaction will be send to be used at SNB ATM

Note: In addition to the transaction's "Reference number", a countdown will start timing the validity of the transaction that is 2 hours. If the request is expired, a new request must be submitted.​

Collecting the Cash

Visit your nearest SNB ATM, then:

  1. Touch the ATM screen
  2. Click "Emergency Cash"
  3. Enter the temporary PIN for the transaction selected earlier
  4. Enter the Reference Number sent to the registered mobile number
  5. Enter the ID number, collect the cash

*Note: as per Emergency Cash Terms and Conditions, customers can perform one emergency withdrawal per day starting from a minimum of SAR 100 to SR 1,000, with a maximum of three emergency withdrawals per month.

AlAhliMobile.. Live more.. DO more​

Download AlAhliMobile application from the official stores (Apple Store or Google Play) using the word "Ahli" for search,

or choose the store for your smartphone from the following:

Download AlAhliMobile Now !

​Operating SystemVersion ​Required

​Apple (iOS)

10.0 and Above


7.0 and Above

​6.0 and above 

AlAhliMobile.. Live more.. DO more​​

​​Standing Orders Service

​A service to schedule the automation of transfer payments within defined timelines, now via AlAhliMobile and AlAhliOnline.   

​What are the types of Standing Orders?

    • ​Transfer Between customer’s Accounts .
    • Transfer within SNB Accounts .
    • Quick Pay Accounts Transfer/House Labor .

How can I register in the service?

No registration required*

​Is there any fee for the service?

To find out more about banking fees Click Here

​How it works :

    1. Select "Money Transfers" .
    2. Select "Standing Orders"
    3. Select transfer type, and the desired beneficiary.
    4. Enter the Amount .
    5. Select the Start and End Date .
    6. Select the Frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) .

​*Term and Conditions apply.

*Non-Saudi customers can only apply one standing order per year, with monthly frequency and SR 5000 limit.


​We at SNB are glad to introduce beneficiary activation via Automated Call Back, which will save you valuable time and effort.   ​

Where is the service available?

You can benefit from this service when adding beneficiaries for Transfers via AlAhliMobile and AlAhliOnline.

​How can I register in the service?

Once you register in AlAhliMobile and AlAhliOnline and after adding a beneficiary for Transfers, you will automatically receive an automated call for activation.

​Is there any fee for the service?

This service is free.

​Is there an alternative way to activate beneficiaries?

You can activate beneficiaries by calling 920001000 for each beneficiary added.

How “Call Back” works ?

After adding a beneficiary for Transfers via AlAhliMobile and AlAhliOnline:

  • SNB will call your registered mobile automatically to complete the activation
  • After listening to the beneficiary details and approving the activation by pressing “1”, enter the 4 digit secret code for Phone Banking service

Upon successful activation, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number that includes the activation details.

Then, you will be able to transfer to the beneficiary easily and without any extra effort​

​1. What is Siri? 

Siri is an intelligent assistant that offers a faster, easier way to get things done on your Apple devices.

2. Supported platform and smart devices?

iPhone 6s or later.

3. How to add Siri shortcuts for AlAhliMobile?

After logging in to AlAhliMobile, from the Home page:

  • Click “Settings” then “Siri Shortcuts”
  • To add the service, click “Add to Siri”
  • Press the record button to record your own phrase
  • The recorded phrase will be used to request the service from Siri

4. How it works with AlAhliMobile?

Long press on the Home button or via Siri option “Hey Siri” and ask for one of the following Shortcut access to the application using the service’s personal phrase from the previous step :

  • Pay my bills 
  • Transfer Money
  • Account Summary
  • Pay my Card