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At NCB, we believe that with the evolving lifestyle it is essential to provide a new and safe way to carry out your daily transactions.

We offer you MADA Debit Card from NCB to save you the trouble of carrying cash on hand.

The card enables you to carry out all POS or internet purchases and cash withdrawals safely outside and inside the Kingdom.

​MADA Debit Card from NCB is directly connected to your current account where you can make any POS and internet purchases or withdrawal transaction straight from your account.

The card can be used with more than 36 million merchants and 2 million ATMs around the world. It also grants you the ability of using the card for online purchases.​

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Card Services

  1. SMS to notify you of any transactions using the card.
  2. Cash deposit service at NCB Cash deposit machines available at all NCB branches.
  3. Sadad and government payments through NCB ATMs.
  4. Local and international remittances.
  5. Activation of AlAhliOnline, AlAhliMobile, and PhoneBanking services.
  6. Deactivation of card’s re-issuance or linking to another account through AlAhliOnline, AlAhliMobile, or PhoneBanking services.
  7. Change the daily POS transaction limit through AlAhliOnline, AlAhliMobile, or PhoneBanking services.


When Shopping

      • Contactless Purchasing “Atheer” FeatureIt allows cardholders to conduct payments of a value less than SAR 100 by simply passing their cards over the POS without entering a PIN code.
      • POS Cash Withdrawal “Naqd” Feature: It allows you to withdraw a cash amount up to SAR 400 from any merchant when conducting a POS transaction, without a need to visit an ATM.
      • Flexible Purchasing Limit: This feature allows you to increase the daily purchasing limit from SAR 20,000 to 200,000 .

When Traveling 

  • Global Acceptance with Easy and Simple Transactions: Mada Debit Card from NCB is accepted with millions of merchants worldwide, including restaurants, hotels, and e-stores.
  • Free Access to Airport Lounges: Free unlimited access to more than 850 airport lounges worldwide.*
  • Discover the World: Special offers through MasterCard’s Priceless Application to discover the world.
  • Private Concierge Service: All what you need is as close as a telephone call*​.


        • ​Insurance Coverage for Trip Troubles: You are covered, even if you lose your luggage by mistake or your trip is delayed* .
        • Medical Insurance in Travels: With Mada Debit Card from NCB, you are be medically covered for any medical needs or emergencies.
        • Help on Roads: In case of accidents, God forbid, you will not be charged for any damages, even if you are the reason of the accident.*
*This feature may be available for a specific segment of customers, please go to “Know your card” to know more about your segment and its feature.

Now you can increase your daily POS limit up to SR200,000 via AlahliPhone, AlahliOnline or AlahliMobile

Increase the daily POS limit via Phone Banking

  1. Login to the phone banking service by entering private number and PIN
  2. Choose 1 to enter <banking account>
  3. Choose 4 to enter <mada Card from NCB>
  4. Choose 3 to enter <POS daily limit>
  5. The system will request the last 4 digits of your debit card that you need to increase its limit.
  6. The system will announce the available limits
  7. The system will require your confirmation


Increase the daily POS limit via AlahliOnline

  1. Login Alahlionline and enter your username and password
  2. Enter the 4 digit OTP
  3. Go to <Accounts>
  4. Click on <Card Services>
  5. Click on <mada Cards from NCB>
  6. All your cards will be displayed on screen
  7. Choose the Debit Card you want to increase its limit
  8. Click on <change daily POS limit>
  9. Choose the desired limit
  10. Click on <apply changes>




Increase the daily POS limit via AlahliMobile

  1. Login AlahliMobile and enter your username and password
  2. Enter the 4 digit OTP
  3. Go to <Accounts>
  4. Click on <Card Services>
  5. Click on <mada Cards from NCB>
  6. All your cards will be displayed on screen
  7. Choose the mada card from NCB you want to increase its limit
  8. Click on <change daily POS limit>
  9. Choose the desired limit

Click on <apply changes>


madaPay is a new service that enables the customer to use his/her smartphone to complete transactions using madaPay application while keeping the user information secured and encrypted. It also enables the customer to save banking cards in the application wither its credit or debit.

The customer can purchase goods using the application with a limit of SAR100 per transaction by hovering the smartphone on top of the POS device after the smartphone is unlocked using the passcode.

There is no limit to the number of cards that can be added to madaPay as well as adding the same card to multiple devices.

madaPay is accepted at many merchants with atheer service enabled around the kingdom as well as international merchants.


  • ​Make sure that the smartphone operating system is “marshmallow 6” .
  • The smartphone has NFC feature .
  • You own an NCB card .
  • Download madaPay from Google Play .
  • Start the app and follow the instructions (make sure you have an enabled passcode) .
  • Make sure you’re connected to the internet while setting up the application .​


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