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Provide an additional, easy and a secure way for new customers wanting to open an account at SNB. In addition to saving the customer’s time and effort, also transforming the exhausting process from branches to Digital Channels.

To review Contracts for Individual Account Opening, you may check the following:

  • Service Terms:
ü    Valid National ID/ Iqama for more than 30 days.

ü    Absher Registration

ü    Registration at the National Address using your ID number

ü    Age 15 years and above

Open your account online Now! (Link)

And Download SNB AlAhli App


    • Can I open a bank account without registering in the digital channels?
    • Opening the account online does not requires registration in the digital channels (Optional).
    • W​hat are the fees for opening an account online?
    • There is no fee to open your account with the National Bank of Saudi Arabia.
    • I opened an ​account through the page, and I chose an open package to receive my bank card, how can I get the card?
    • When choosing a self-service device, create a reference number and send it to your mobile number. Go to the nearest self-service machine and follow the steps in the link .
    • When I open the account, I do not see a step (home address)?
    • This step is available to non-Saudis only.
    • Can I use the card number to register in the electronic channels later?
    • Yes, you can register in AlAhliOnline, SNB Alahli App , by providing that the following points are available:
      • National ID/Iqama number
      • The mobile number registered in the bank records
      • Details of one of the following options (Mada card from Al Ahli Bank - credit card - phone banking)

    • Is it necessary to be registered in “Nafath”?​
    • Yes, it is necessary to register in Nafath, as it is one of the main steps required to successfully complete the account opening, in order to authenticate the identity of the customer to open the account.