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Da'em AlAhli

Things got better with an extra quarter

Da'em AlAhli

Things Got Better with an extra QUARTER

Are you were an Afaaq or Wessam payroll customer?

Obtain the "Da'em" facility which allows you to get an additional amount equivalent to 25% of your gross monthly salary with no interest for a full year.


The Da'em subscription fee is (SR 200) to be paid once upon facility activation and is valid for one year.

Benefits of Da'em AlAhli

You can utilize the Da'em amount at any time to carry out any of your banking transactions such as (Cash withdrawal / SADAD / domestic or international transfers / Purchasing through POS).

You can perform banking transactions using the Da'em facility through a branch or any of NCB alternative channels:

  • ATMs
  • AlAhli Phone Banking
  • AlAhli Online
  • AlAhli Mobile

The amount you can get with a Da'em AlAhli

Da'em gives you an amount equivalent to 25% of your total monthly salary upon application. The following example shows how to calculate the amount of the facility:

Customer Salary18.000
Da'em Facility amount (25% of the customer gross monthly salary)4,500
Total available amount for Customer22.500

How to subscribe

Visit any of our branches to apply for a Da'em AlAhli 

Subscription Conditions

  • You must be employed in (the government sector, semi -government - or private sector companies accredited by NCB).

  • Your salary must be transferred on a monthly basis (through SARIE) during the length of the subscription period.

  • Your salary must start from SR 3,000 and to receive at least one salary deposits processed in your account.

  • Not to hold any lending products when applying for the "Da'em" facility including (Personal Finance, Residential Finance, and Auto Lease Finance).

  • To be enrolled in one of Afaaq AlAhli or Wessam AlAhli programs.

Da'em Settlement

  • Any transaction made using "Da'em" will be settled automatically when money is deposited into your account. While "Da'em" limit will be immediately available for use once again.

  • You may use the facility amount several times during the month and throughout the period of the annual subscription unconditionally.

  • The full "Da'em" amount used must be settled in full if you wish to cancel your account or at the end of the subscription period.