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afaaq alahli

Give your salary greater value

afaaq alahli


Give your salary greater value by opening an Afaaq AlAhli Account. In addition to a variety of benefits and exclusive offers NCB gives you access to a wide range of unique banking services with amazing discounts on many valuable products.

Transfer your salary and join today if you are an employee in the government or private sectors
Join " Af​​aaq AlAhli " or " Afaaq AlAhli Executive " today! Free of charge and without any subscription fees​​​


​​​Program ​​Monthly Income
​Afaaq AlAhli ​From SR 3,000 Up to 8,999
​​​Afaaq AlAhli Executive ​from SR 9,000 up to 19,999


  • Ability to apply for Da'em AlAhli service which allows you to obtain a 25% overdraft on your gross salary.
  • Having a current account without the requirement of a minimum balance and no penalty fees on low balances.
  • Priority service at our branches and call center 
  • Islamic insurance coverage against Personal Accidents up to SR 100,000, and with an annual fee of SR 60 only.


In addition to the regular Afaaq AlAhli advantages, being a member in the "Afaaq AlAhli Executive" allows you to enjoy:​

  • 50% discount on annual credit card fees (starting from the second year and onwards)
  • 50% discount on safe deposit boxes of all sizes (subject to availability)
  • 50% discount on remittance transaction fees within and outside the Kingdom
  • Standing order transactions are free of charge.
  • More comprehensive insurance coverage up to SR 200,000 against personal accidents.


Payroll Customers

If you are already a Payroll customer with NCB, all you need to do is visit any of our branches to request for a registration.

Non Payroll Customers​

If you are not a Payroll customer with NCB, visit any of our branches to assist you in arranging a salary transfer

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  • What are the requirements for the 'Afaaq AlAhli' Program?

    - A​ll you need to do is to transfer your salary to join 'Afaaq AlAhli' or 'Afaaq AlAhli Executive'. 
    Conditions for each are as follows.

    • 'Afaaq AlAhli' Program: Monthly inco​me must be between SAR 3,000 and SAR 8,999.

    • 'Afaaq AlAhli Executive' Program: Monthly income must be between SAR 9,000 and SAR 19,999. ​

  • Are there any fee associated with the 'Afaaq AlAhli' Program?

    - There are no fees associated with the 'Afaaq AlAhli' Program.​

  • Is the insurance provided to 'Afaaq AlAhli' customers Shariah compliant?

    Yes, however the insurance provided does not cover death by natural causes.​

  • What does the insurance offered to 'Afaaq AlAhli' customers cover?

    ​- The insurance offered to 'Afaaq AlAhli' customers is optional and covers accidents only. 
    As an ‘Afaaq AlAhli' customer you can receive up to SAR 100,000 accident cover. 
    As an 'Afaaq AlAhli Executive' customer you can receive up to SAR 200,000 accident cover. 
    Please note that each of the above has an annual fee of SAR 60. 

  • What will I get when I’m Afaaq AlAhli' client?
    • ​A Welcome Pack containing information about the 'Afaaq AlAhli' Program 

    • ​A specially designed Afaaq AlAhli ATM card and cheque book

    • Immediate approval on NCB Personal Finance

  • What are the products and services associated with 'Afaaq AlAhli'?
    1. Personal Finance​​

    2. Residential Finance

    3. Free credit card

    4. Accident Insurance (optional)

    5. 'AlAhli Takaful' Program

    6. Auto Lease Program

    7. Quick transfers

    8. 'Thimaar' Program

    9. Sophisticated electronic channels

    10. SMS notifications