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Foreign Currency Exchange

Spot Deals

A spot deal is a contract to exchange one currency for another at the current market rate. Settlement is typically within two working days.


A forward is a contract to exchange currencies that involves the buying or selling of a particular currency in the future, at a rate agreed on up front. This rate is called the Forward Rate.

Option - Call and Put

A currency option is a contract where the customer pays a premium to SNB to obtain the right, but not the obligation, to buy (call) or sell (put) a specified amount of foreign currency at an agreed exchange rate, on or before a specified future date.

Structured Solutions

Structured Solutions are offered to meet the individual requirements of Corporate Clients, helping them meet their hedging requirements, either through cost reduction or income enhancement. Solutions cover foreign exchange, interest rates and commodities. Investment Solutions are also available covering a wide range of asset classes.

Banknote - USD and EURO

Banknote selling is where a customer buys physical foreign currency notes at the market price. SNB expert staff will provide competitive spot, forward and option quotes on virtually any currency.

Bullion Products and Services

Our Bullion business in precious metals like gold, include the following:

  • Consignment: A consignment is the physical delivery of gold (Bullion Bars) to any client location in the Kingdom and GCC against a 100% cash reserve in addition to a 5% margin.

  • Gold Loan: A Gold loan is a commercial loan whereby physical gold or ounces is used as collateral.

  • Cash Account: A Cash Account refers to the physical or non physical delivery or trading of gold, silver or platinum.

Minimum transactions on each are as follows:

  • Gold 100 Troy ounces

  • Silver 5,000 Troy ounces

  • Platinum 100 Troy ounces

Money Market

Time Deposit

Time deposit is held with SNB for a pre-agreed period where SNB promises to pay the customer back the full deposit plus interest.

Interest Rate Swap

An Interest Rate Swap is an interest rate hedging solution that is made between the treasury and customers to minimize exposure to fluctuating interest rates.

Shariah Compliant Products


ِِSecured Capital approved by SNB’s Shariah Board. Khayrat/Muraba allows a customer to sell commodities to SNB at a deferred price that is inclusive of profit.

Shariah Compliant Structured Solutions

SNB Structured Solutions offers an extensive range of Shariah compliant alternative hedging and investment solutions that have been reviewed by our Shariah Advisor. The Solutions cover a wide range of asset classes.