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Safeguarding against commercial risks and securing performance and payment in foreign trade


​Trade Finance

In today's global environments, your company's ability to compete and grow internationally is crucial. As a solution provider to Saudi companies, NCB offers individual trade finance sol​utions to support your import and export business. Trade involves buyers and sellers seeking to exchange goods or services despite their differences in language, national custom, credit procedures and accounting practices. Historically, merchants have sought ways of minimizing these differences and facilitating trade.

There are several ways by which international trade transactions may be handled and the most commonly used methods are:

  • Letters of Credit​
  • Documentary Collections
  • Letters of Gu​arantees​
  • CCFU (Centralized Commercial Finance Unit)

Our products are customized to your business needs whether locally, regionally or across the world, we have the skills, expertise and resources to deliver them to you.

Please contact your Relationship Manager to know our products and solutions and how they can help your business success in today's global market.​

Application of Letter of Guarantee​​​

Application of Irrevocable Docume​ntary Credit Application​​

​​Application of LC Amendment