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Personal Finance for Corporate & SME staff


The Saudi National Bank gives the corporates and SMEs who are not added to the SNB list of approved companies for personal finance product a distinguished opportunity to be added to the list. This comes as a part of the banking services offered to our customers.

Features & Benefits

  • Approval on listing the Corporate/SME as one of the Approved companies with the Bank;​
  • Corporate/SME staff will be able to get PF and RF from SNB after being added to the list;
  • Special offers for corporate/SME staff​

Program Requirements​​

If the corporate/SME is interested in becoming part of the SNB approved list of companies for PF, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Fill in and attach the Payroll Profile Sheet, and attach a file containing staff mobile numbers to send period special offers;
  2. Attach 3-year audited financial statements;
  3. Attach a copy of the Establishment's commercial register;
  4. Attach a Salary Tra​nsfer and Fixing Certificate on the company's letterhead stamped by the Chamber of Commerce;
  5. Attach Nitaqat report (and attaching Alnitaq​ color page);
  6. Send the induction request along with the required attachments to email (​​
The application will be processed and the result will be shared within 10 working days.

​If the application is approved, the following actions will be taken:​

  1. Send welcoming SMS to the company's employees and officers, as well as the relation managers in SNB (if the contact list is available)
  2. In cooperation with the company's officer in charge and RM at SNB, an internal communication shall be circulated to the company's employees;
  3. Coordinate direct sales teams to visit the company's premises (subject to opportunity).

To know more about SNB Performance Finance details, please visit the PF webpage on the Bank's website.