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Innovative Islamic Compliant Funding Solutions.


Project Finance - Fund a Specific Project

SNB offers support and advisory services to finance projects across a range of industries. SNB Project Finance offers credit to fund the construction of fixed assets associated with particular investment projects.

Structured Finance Solutions

Real Estate Financing

SNB's team of specialists offer an array of structured credit financing solutions for commercial Real Estate development projects.

Expansion Project Financing

SNB understands that manufacturers and contractors need to expand their output capacity and improve quality. As such, our team of specialists offer and structure the most cost-efficient funding solutions for this segment.

Acquisition Financing

SNB offers a variety of Credit and Capital Financing solutions through SNB Capital our Investment Banking arm.

Asset Backed Security (ABS)

SNB has created this unique product to provide off balance sheet financing solutions by purchasing the future cash flow of receivables backed by their underlying assets. SNB's Asset Backed Security program provides financing for auto installment & leasing sales, contracts, and real estate lease receivables.

Syndications & Placements - Designed for Large-Scale Borrowers

SNB's Syndications & Placements Unit is responsible for arranging, structuring, and distributing our syndicated credit products. SNB offers strong loan origination capabilities, an extensive network of domestic and international banking relationships, and years of experience in structuring and placing debt.

Saudi Arabia’s largest industrial concerns have come to rely upon SNB’s Syndications Unit because of our strong client orientation, as well as our emphasis on efficiency and confidentiality.​​