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NCB's secure bridge to Credit Card processing networks


What is AlAhli ePay?​

AlAhli ePay provides corporate clients with a highly secure bridge to Credit Card E-commerce processing networks. AlAhli ePay allows your website to collect and process Credit Card payments directly over the Internet.

Types of Integration


Merchants will not be able to collect or store any Credit Card details instead customers will be re-directed to pay on AlAhli ePay.


Merchants store all Credit Card details at their end. Customers do not see AlAhli ePay pages because all credit card verifications take place behind the scenes.

Supported Payment Transactions


    – A single transaction where the payment is finalized upon authorization. The cardholder’s limit is adjusted and the funds are immediately transferred into the merchant’s account.

    – Transactions are authorized twice to confirm the availability of funds by the card issuer, the amount is later captured by the merchant.

    – A form of Batch Payment processing, where the amount is debited on a monthly basis from the cardholder.
  • MOTO

    – Mail order / Telephone order. AlAhli ePay enables merchants to submit transactions manually via a secure Web browser. This feature is ideal for merchants that service mail or telephone orders.

    - Merchants can refund & void through the AlAhli ePay Portal.

AlAhli ePay supports the following cards:

  • Mada
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • EMV (Euro Pay MasterCard Visa ship and Pin transactions)
  • All online transactions are real-time and use VISA & MasterCard authorization.

Supported Currencies:

  • SA Riyals
  • US Dollars
  • GB Pounds
  • EU Euros

Merchants can offer in any of these currencies with settlement in SAR.

Different Integration Channels

Our Payment Gateway is Capable of Integrating with any existing channel including:

  • IVR – Interactive Voice Recognition.
  • Two Way SMS Gateway.
  • POS (Point of Sale).
  • M-Commerce.
  • Kiosks.
  • PDA’s


  • V byV (Verified by VISA) and 3D Secure (MasterCard Secure Code) certified.
  • 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology.
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) security and compliance program certified.
  • Each merchant is supplied with a password protected online portal to monitor, manage and generate online transactions reports.
  • Payment pages and customer data are hosted behind our firewalls in order to enhance security for your business and safeguard your customer from any fraud.

Merchant Administration

Each merchant will have a Merchant Administration portal that allows Merchants to:

  • Monitor & manage online transactions.
  • Configure security, privileges and account settings.
  • Generate reports.
  • Download transactions.

Merchant Requirements

  • NCB account.
  • An online shop.
  • A valid Saudi Arabian Commercial Registration. ​​

How To Apply?

For more information call NCB's Cash Management Number: 920024288 ​​


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