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Sophisticated Digital Banking Solutions

SNB's eCorp platform is one of the first fully functional online banking channels in Saudi Arabia to our corporate, MSMEs and establishment clients to enable them to access their account information and conduct various digital transactions at their convenience around-the-clock whilst protected by state-of-the-art security measures.

SNB eCorp services include:

Account Management

Instant and secure access to all banking accounts and cash management products.

Digital Payments

Initiate a wide range of online transactions, including SNB Account-to-Account fund transfers, local payments, international payments via SWIFT, Trade Services, and much more

Customized Solutions

Customized system accessibility based on company's authorization levels, products, limits, accounts, and workflow.

Account Reconciliation

Access account and transaction information with customized searching parameters.

System Activities

Access and manage all cash, trade, and treasury activities in real time.

Straight-Through Processing

Immediate processing of your initiated transactions with direct access to all SNB's transactional facilities and payment engine.

Government Payments (MOI)

Pay government service fees, such as Passports, Iqamas, traffic violations and much more, directly from your SNB corporate account .

International Transfer

Clients can easily transfer money anytime in different parts of the world using any currency through SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). The global payments innovation (GPI) is a SWIFT service that is designed to improve the customer experience in cross-border payments, by tracking the transaction from end to end.

*Terms and conditions apply

SNB eCorp platform offers the corporate, MSMEs and establishment clients with many advantages and features that include:

  • Account Balances & Statements

  • Reconciliation (payroll, dividends, etc.) and Query downloads

  • Transaction history (1 Year)

  • Point of sale (POS) Management

  • Investment Management (Mutual Funds)

  • Administration Facilities

  • Audit Trail Reports

  • Trade Finance services

  • Current account inquiry and transaction details

  • Loan account inquiries (available balance)

  • Overdraft Inquiries

  • POS E-statement on SNB eCorp allows the merchant to constantly review and monitor the financial transactions made through his/her POS

  • Account Management

  • Transfers (Bulk or Single)

  • SADAD and Government Payment (bulk or single)

  • Payroll Onboarding

  • Payroll Service WPS

  • POS Onboarding

  • POS Statement Report

  • Dividend Report

  • ARAMCO payment

  • Issuance LG 100%

  • ID Expiry Update

  • National Address Update

  • Customer Requests and Complaints

  • Beneficiary Management

  • ESAL Payment

  • Mada Card Management

  • Repayment Services

  • Corporate Deposit Card

  • Soft POS Services 

SNB Transaction Initiation

With SNB, you can initiate your transactions from your accounts without leaving your desk through our digital channels. 

Features of SNB's Transaction Initiation include:

  • Transfers Payment Management (All Types)

  • Account Sweeping Management

  • Inter-company Transfers

  • Beneficiary Creations

  • Bulk Payments

  • SADAD Bill Payments (Single/Bulk)

  • Government Payments such as Iqamas, Traffic violations and more

  • Payroll Management

  • Trade Finance Services

  • Dividend Management

SNB eCorp Security & Access 

SNB eCorp is easy to use platform and incorporates security features that control access to accounts and transactions. These controls allow only authorized users to access the accounts and services of the system depending on the authority granted to the user.

Each individual has a degree of access which is categorized into User, Verifier, or Authorized Person based on the company's request.

Accessing SNB eCorp is controlled by a secure system of SNB, and user logging through multi-factor authentication mechanism. 

SNB eCorp Security & Access Features:

  • Encryption Technology to Scramble Data

  • Dynamic Passwords through Entrust

  • Secure Maker-checker functions

  • Predefined Functions Per User

  • Predefined Limits Per User

  • Predefined Accounts & Beneficiaries

  • Administrative Functionalities

  • Audit Trail Functions

  • Automatic termination of sessions to prevent unauthorized access 

For Corporates

Please fill in and sign the required documents:

SNB eCorp:

Additional Services:

Please deliver the required documentation to your nearest Corporate Service Center.

How to register:

Register in SNB eCorp in few seconds.

SNB eCorp is a state-of-the-art banking platform which gives you full control over your banking services with ease. To register your Commercial Establishment, you simply have to:

  • Visit our website or download SNB eCorp Mobile App from the official stores (App Store – Google Play) by searching for "SNB eCorp"
  • Click "Register Now"
  • Enter your Account number or Commercial Registration number
  • Enter your ATM card number and PIN code

Immediately, your SNB eCorp service will be activated and giving you access and instant control over your establishment's banking services, without having to leave your office or from wherever you are via your mobile phone, with highest levels of security and data protection.

Main features of SNB eCorp, SNB eCorp Mobile:

  • Transacting from any place at any time
  • User-based authority (account/transaction level)
  • Transfers management (international, local, within SNB, between accounts)
  • SADAD Bill Payments (Single/Bulk)
  • SADAD MOI Payments such as Iqama renewal, Traffic violations, and more
  • Payroll management (including WPS Reports)
  • Issuance of Letters of Credits and Letters of Guarantees
  • Account Statements (MT940/MT942 included)
  • POS management and reports
  • Requests and claims initiation

To register, please visit:​

For more information on SNB eCorp, please contact us through the following channels:

For more information: 920024288​


To enhance our security protection, we activated the Multi Factor Authentication function, which is now mandatory to perform transactions in SNB eCorp, SNB eGov and SNB eCorp Mobile. All transactions must be authenticated using any of the available methods OTP, Soft or Hard token.

SNB SMS (One-time-password)

SNB SMS One Time Password is a secure 4-digit password sent to your registered mobile phone via SNB SMS.

This feature aims to add more security to your banking transactions by re-confirming your identity every time you login on to "SNB eCorp, SNB eGov or SNB eCorp Mobile" and conduct any transaction.

SNB Token

To save your time and to provide maximum protection when performing your banking transactions any time or during your travels, we are pleased to offer you SNB Token as an alternative verification method when logging on to "SNB eCorp, SNB eGov or SNB eCorp Mobile" and performing transactions without the need to wait for SMS.

SNB’s AlAhlieCorp is one of the first fully functional online banking channels in Saudi Arabia. Our corporate clients are able to access their account information and initiate various electronic transactions around-the-clock whilst protected by state-of-the-art security measures. To find out more about the services:

frequently asked questions

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  • How can I apply for AlAhlieCorp ?

    ​If your account belongs to a Commercial Establishment and you have an ATM Card available: 

    Find out​ m​ore​​

    If your account belongs to a Commercial Company:

    Find out more​​

  • My account belongs to a Commercial Establishment but I do not have an ATM card. How can I issue an ATM card ?

    ​Kindly visit the nearest  AlAhli branch to issue an ATM Card for your Commercial Establishment

  • What are the fees associated with the service ?

    There are no associated fees for registering or using AlAhlieCorp.

    Note that usual transaction fees (e.g. Local Tranfer, International Transfer, etc) will apply.

    For your convenience, there are no hidden fees: whenever a fee is applicable it will appear clearly on the screen before transaction execution

  • Where can I learn more about the service ?

    ​You may learn more about AlAhlieCorp by visiting the following link:

    Find out more​