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Commercial Real Estate Finance

for Corporates & SMEs

Commercial Real Estate Finance


The SNB commercial Real Estate Finance Program supports our clients from corporate and small & medium size enterprises (SMEs) by enabling them to purchase constructed commercial properties within the urban area through a Shariah-compliant finance product.​​​


  • Different types of industries
  • Construction and contracting
  • Transportation
  • Services
  • Medical facilities (private clinics, private hospitals, medical centers…etc).​​

​Program Objectives​

  • Help corporates and SMEs clients to get a real estate finance to expand their business
  • Enhance the competitive position of our corporate and SMEs clients, which will, in turn, be positively reflected on our national economy
  • Expand the scope of our corporate and SMEs clients in real estate investment
  • Optimum distribution of cash flows from real estate investments​​

Program Benefits​

  • Shariah-compliant finance product
  • Various finance solutions
  • Flexibility in installment payment
  • Competitive rates
  • Finance period up to 10 years
  • Finance amount up to SAR 25 million​​​

Program Purpose

Financing Fixed Assets

To enable corporate and SMEs in getting a commercial real estate and expand their business​

Shariah-compliant Finance Schemes

  • Trade facilitation
  • Murabaha​​

​How to get a real estate finance

  • The client submits a corporate/SME real estate finance application to the Bank supported by required documents
  • The application will be subject to applicable standards set by the Bank
  • If the application is approved, the client will sign a Real Estate Finance Agreement
  • After signing the agreement, the property’s deed will be transferred to the real estate company
  • All required agreements to manage the property will be signed between the Bank and the client​

Program Requirements​

  1. The corporate/SME shall have a 3-year audited financial statements
  2. The corporate/SME shall have a legal entity (individual establishment - partnership company - limited liability company - limited partnership …etc.)
  3. No negative previous financial problems with SNB or other banks
  4. The corporate/SME shall be economically, financially, technically and administratively feasible 
  5. The year-to-year sales shall exceed SAR 10 million
  6. The corporate/ SME shall comply with the Real Estate Finance Program’s terms and conditions

Required Documents

  1. Copy of the Saudi National ID
  2. Copy of the Commercial Register
  3. Copy of Articles of Association (for companies)
  4. Copy of the audited financial statement
  5. Copy of the bank statement
  6. Copy of the property’s title of ownership
  7. Copy of the construction permits
  8. Property Commercial Register site plan
  9. ​Any other required documents deemed important by the bank

For more information on the program, please do not hesitate to contact us on: 012 6462300, or contact us via email:​, or visit the nearest Corporate Service Center or SME Service Center​.