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Tajer Alahli Program

Empowering your vision to grow

Tajer Alahli Program

Tajer AlAhli Program

Empowering Your Vision To Grow

In our ongoing endeavours to achieve one of our strategic aspirations, i.e. to be “Best Bank in Customer Service”,  we are pleased to announce that Tajer AlAhli program is re-launched with new features, services and offers, which are specifically designed for SME Businesses.

One of the most important features that have been added to the program is that it offers variant financing solutions to its customers, including the following:

  • Working capital finance
  • Kafalah program to finance SME businesses under Industrial Development Fund’s guarantee
  • Commercial real estate finance program
  • Corporate credit cards
  • Secure Finance (coming soon)
  • Auto-lease

We would like to inform you that there are 2 types of accounts for SME’s customers:​

ProgramStandard Account Tajer Alahli Account
Average balance (3 month)Less than 1,000,000​1,000,000 and above
Fees and waiversStandard prices 35% up to 100% waivers

Tajer Alahli account offers discount from 35% up to 100% on all banking transactions and it depends on the average balance for three months. Below is a table providing the discounted rate within Tajer Alahli knowing that the number of transactions is limited per year based on discount rates. in the case of exceeding the annual limit of transactions during the same year, customer will be charged.


Waiver percentage


Waiver percentage


Waiver percentage


Average balance (3 month)


To less than



To less than



and above

Number of transactions annually 500300200

Features & Benefits

Join Tajer Alahli now without registration fees and enjoy waivers and discounts up to 100%. ​

Services offered by the program:​

  • Current account
  • Tajer AlAhli cheque books
  • Tajer AlAhli ATM cards
  • Tajer AlAhli deposit card
  • Advanced Electronic Banking ( AlAhli Online, AlAhli e-corp )
  • PoS ( Point of sales )
  • Payroll services and Payroll cards
  • AlAhli Phone Banking
  • Trade services (approvals, guarantees and collections)
  • Sadad payments
  • SMS transactions alerts
  • Cash receipt, counting and transfer service

Requirements for subscription:​

 The business must have an average SNB account balance of (1) million riyals over (3) months.

For more information on Tajer AlAhli program 

Please visit the nearest SNB Branch 

Or contact us through: 

Email :

Phone Banking: 800 244 1005

The Saudi National Bank 

Tajer Alahli Program managment 

P.O. Box 3555 

Jeddah 21481

Saudi Arabia ​​