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NCB honors the winners of “Get your wishes come true and win the value of your finance” campaign

Thursday, 13 June, 2013

The national commercial Bank (NCB) honored its customers who won the “Get your wishes come true and win the value of your finance” campaign prize recently launched by NCB.

​The campaign comes in line with NCB’s interest to enhance deep relations with its customers by meeting their needs and aspirations through innovative banking solutions.

It comprises one feature under Tayseer AlAhli program; an Islamic financing process based on Installment Sale and is authorized by the Shariah Board. According to this process, a customer buys a certain quantity of commodities such as rice, barley or iron (which are owned by the National Commercial Bank) and pays for them in installments. The customer may then choose to sell them to a third party (the market) through the commodity vendor.

Khalid Al Rashidi, one of the winners, caught the eyes of NCB Al-Bukayriyah branch visitors when he prostrated on the ground to thank Allah when he heard his name among the winners.

Saleh S. Aldakheel, NCB Al-Bukayriyah Branch Manager, said: “We presented to Khalid Al Rashidi a package of services and benefits of AlAhli Horizon Executive program, and introduced to him the campaign of “Get your wishes come true and win the value of your finance”. He then transferred his salary to our bank and applied for a personal finance at a value of SAR 202.000 to help his father complete the construction of their house, which was stopped for 3 months due to lack of cash flow.”

He added: “We gave the loan Khalid, who, in turn, transferred the amount to his father’s account. In few weeks, Khalid Al Rashidi’s name appeared as the first name to win from among other campaign subscribers. We invited the customer to the branch and announced this news at the presence of Hasan Mohammad Al-Dabeib, NCB region manager. Al Rashidi’ reaction astonished all branch visitors when they saw him prostrating on the ground to thank Allah for this winning.”

On his part, Khalid Awwad Al Rashidi said: “I applied for the loan to help my father complete the house building, so Allah rewarded me back.”

It is worth mentioning that NCB is one of the leading banks in the field of financing. It presents innovative services and products to the customers who look for a reliable financial partner to start a complete banking relationship.

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