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NCB urges its customers to use AlAhliToken

Sunday, 28 July, 2013

Inan effort to ensure the highest standards of banking security, the National Commercial Bank (NCB) launches an awareness campaign urging its customers to activate the smartphones “AlAhliToken” application to secure their transactions through NCBalternative channels:AlAhliOnline, AlAhliMobile and AlAhliPhoneBanking.The application is one of the alternative security standards that enable the bank customers to complete their transactions anytime from any location in the world.​

​The activation code – AlAhliToken is a double standard method for ID verification by creating a random code to access the customer’s account. AlAhliToken service is designed to apply the login security standards and protect the accounts against any spam. It also saves customer’s time as no need to wait for the activation code via SMS that may be delayed or not received, especially when travelling outside the Kingdom.  AlAhliToken application can be downloaded to smartphones to ensure the customer’s access to AlAhli Online even if the mobile is out of service.

This application provides maximum security for online banking transactions to protect both personal information and the transaction itself. A login activation code is acquired to access the bank account through AlAhliToken application on the smartphones. This saves the customer’s time and protects his information.

To activate AlAhliToken, you need to download the application from the application store, then activate through either AlAhliOnline or AlAhliPhoneBanking. After activation, a secret code of 6 digits will appear on the screen. You will not need mobile coverage or roaming service to use the application. Even if you exceed the maximum limit of your phone bill, you will still be able to use the application to able to log in and pay the due bill amount.

Banking security is one of NCB standards to use its electronic financial services. AlAhliTokenenhances technology development in the field of information security and financial transactions for AlAhliPhoneBanking, AlAhliOnline, AlAhliMobile and AlAhlieCorp users. This new services also comes in line with NCB endeavors to present innovative products to achieve the highest security standard of electronic banking.