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The Banker: NCB leads the Saudi, GCC and Middle East Banks

Sunday, 21 July, 2013

In another confirmation of its leading position at all levels nationally, regionally and internationally, The Banker magazine announced through its "Top 1000 World Banks" listing for its July 2013 publication, that the National Commercial Bank (NCB) tops the banks in the Middle East in terms of solvency "Tier 1 Capital", which is one of the most important criterion for measuring the strength of financial positions of banks and banking institutions.

​In addition to attaining this prominent position among the leading banks in Saudi Arabia, the GCC and the Middle East as per the core capital criteria, the international ranking of NCB has also improved from 116th position to the 115th position for the current year - among 1000 banks covered by The Banker's listing.

The Bank’s upgrading of its international ranking illustrates its financial strength and healthy liquidity, and a recognition of its leadership not only in the banking industry in the Kingdom but also in the financial services sector at the national and regional levels.  The strength of the Bank was not limited to financial solvency and the size of assets alone, but are a result of its leading position in all of its core segments and products, delivery of excellent customer service, continuous paying attention to strong governance, and investing and developing talents.