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NCB launches personal finance product for local shares

Tuesday, 4 February, 2014

​​Shariah-compliant product in less than 15 minutes

​In its endeavors to meet the ongoing aspirations and requirements of its customers through the Kingdom, the National Commercial Bank (NCB) has recently launched its new personal finance product “Tayseer AlAhli for Local Shares”, with promise to complete all finance procedures in less than 15 minutes, which is a record time in as fastest service. Other great benefits of Tayseer AlAhli include competitive profit margin of 1.4% for up to 5 consecutive years, which gives the bank an opportunity to introduce one of the best personal finance solutions in compliance with the Islamic Shariah in the minimum cost and biggest financing amount in the Kingdom. 

“Tayseer AlAhli is a Shariah-compliant financing product of Shariah-compliant local shares on forward sale basis. The Bank buys and owns the shares, then sells again to the customer on forward sale basis according an agreed cost and profit margin,” said Abdulrazak Elkhraijy, Head of Shariah Groupat NCB, in a press conference organized by NCB. During the conference, a real personal finance for local shares transaction was executed with one of the bank’s customers as a real test of the product.

He added: “The bank gives the customer the full option to deal in the shares; either to resell the shares and keep their value in his account or to keep them in his portfolio. The approved shares were chosen based on its being Shariah-compliant and steady trading in share market to reduce the likely risks.”

On another hand, Hamed Fayez, Head of Retail Group at NCB, said this new product reflects the NCB ongoing efforts to introduce personal finance options and the great importance that the bank gives in always putting the customer at the heart of our evolving business.

“The launch of personal finance for local shares comes as a result NCB expansion efforts, evolving customer base and growing demand on finance product. This encourages us to introduce competitive benefits through a good package of services developed by highly professional experts to enhance one of the bank’s strategic objectives to be the best in customer service,” Fayez said.

Saud Bajbair, Head of Consumer Finance at NCB, stated that NCB continues its well-planned expansion efforts on all levels, including products and services, with a strategic objective to ensure prompt response to the customers’ requirements. Based on this ambitious strategy, the bank launched this product to help the customer get his finance, either for investment, accession to income, property purchase, home furniture or any other purpose, in a competitive profit margin and quick procedures within 15 minutes.

This product is one of the great benefits that NCB gives to its customers with the possibility of obtaining the finance from all branches in 15 minutes.

Bajabairsaid that this product is available for all NCB personal finance programs’ customers, including employees in government and semi-government sectors, employees in big companies, retirees and military employees in all job levels and approved payrolls. This offer also gives the beneficiaries the possibility of getting the finance in installments suitable for the customer’s income and financial capabilities.

Saad Al-Abdali, Head of Branch Banking Division at NCB, highlighted the great importance of launching this personal finance for local shares in all NCB branches through the Kingdom to retain the biggest spectrum of customers and meet their requirements. Increasing finance options and solutions is a key factor of our success to introduce the best benefits to our customers. We always keen to meet their best expectations through our efforts to ensure the best quality products.

Commenting on the marketing campaign recently launched by NCB for the personal finance under the slogan “15 minutes … your dreams come true”, Faisal Al Ayyoubi, Head of Marketing & Communication, said: “the marketing campaign of the personal finance for local shares extends the marketing campaigns and promotions that NCB used to launch in fulfillment of its commitments to introduce outstanding finance and banking solutions to meet its customers’ needs.

The campaign was communicated through daily newspapers, radio advertisements, NCB website, SMS and social media.

NCB endeavours to provide its customers with exclusive advantages of prompt response through a wide range of solutions that meet their requirements and needs, and enhance their aspirations from the bank as an ideal banking and finance partner, and showcase the ongoing efforts done by NCB to develop its mechanisms to quicken the finance and approval procedures.

The requirements of getting the finance include opening a bank account in the nearest branch of NCB, salary transfer and the application to get the Islamic personal finance. Customers can also benefit from the special offers on personal finance solutions by submitting direct applications through one of the bank’s branches or through the toll free number 8002441005.”​​